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7 Times Elon Musk Proved He Is A Freaking Genius


Elon Musk is definitely one of the rare minds out there set to create a different and better future for humankind. If it was Tesla, Edison, Einstein, and other great minds who set a new direction and opened a new chapter for the world in the past, then one can say that Musk is nearing their greatness with every following step.

As the inventor of Tesla, the brain behind Space X, and being engaged in so many different feats that are set to create a different future for us all, Musk still remains humble and doesn’t let pride take over where hard work and humility are bound to stay.

Some people call Musk an alien, even suggesting that he is developing Space X “to visit his kind,” and other call him a “total whack” because of some of his controversial statements. But that’s only natural if you take into consideration that all geniuses were singled out and pointed at for everything they are.

Whatever the case, we could all learn so much from him. His work is truly inspirational and one that is bound to open new horizons for humanity. And his mindset is one we should all adopt if we want to succeed in what is truly important for us.

As Musk says, whatever you set your mind on, be ready to devote a lot of hard work in it, and don’t spare the time you are given. In fact, he works 100 hours a week to reach what he’s set to accomplish. “You will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve,” he explains.

Watch the video below and learn what makes Elon Musk the genius he is.


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