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8 Things Your Significant Other Does When They Love You Unconditionally


Love is the greatest gift that we can ever receive on this earth. It brings us joy and light and gives us someone to share our lives with. Sometimes we love people who, although they do love us, don’t love us no matter what.

Although not every love is made to last, your current partner may be here to stay. These are 8 things your significant other does when they love you unconditionally.

1. They Protect You

The last thing that your partner wants is to see you hurt. They’re fiercely protective over you and always try to keep you safe from harm. If it came down to it, they’d probably jump in front of a car to save you.

2. They Let Themselves be Vulnerable

Even if when you two got together, they were a closed book, they’re completely open with you now. They let you see their true self, bad parts and all. When they’re upset, they always turn to you for support.

3. They Always Think You’re Beautiful

It doesn’t matter if you spent two hours getting ready or if you just got out of bed. No matter what, your significant other thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the room. When they’re not too busy telling you how gorgeous you are, they’re staring at you and thinking about how lucky they are.

4. Arguments Aren’t a Big Deal

Every couple has arguments, and you’re no exception. That doesn’t mean that your fighting is breaking up the relationship though. Whenever you two disagree on something, you can quickly make up again. Your partner never holds it against you or brings it up again later.

5. They Tell You How Proud They Are

Your significant other is always so proud of you for everything that you do. You don’t even have to do anything amazing. Even if you just made a nice breakfast, they’ll praise you for it.

6. You Can Tell Them Your Secrets

Normally, you keep all your secrets to yourself. The exception, of course, is your significant other. You know that anything that you tell them will stay between you two and that they won’t judge you. Equally, they tell you everything too.

7. They Always Support You

Life is tough, but it’s a journey you both want to carry each other through. You both lift each other up and encourage one another to do your best. Whenever you need guidance, support, or advice, they will be there for you.

8. They’re Planning for a Future Together

A true sign of unconditional love is if your partner wants to grow old with you. They plan for a future spent with you that’s full of love and happiness. They couldn’t envision a world without you in it, and you feel the exact same way about them.

Relationships can be full of worry sometimes. You may have worried about if you and your partner will last or not, or if they truly love you. If they do these 8 things, then you don’t need to worry anymore. They love you unconditionally and will keep building a strong bond with you every day.

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Eva Jackson