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8 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Wake Up Early Every Morning


Besides those few “morning people,” walking up early can feel like hell for a lot of people. Many people would give anything to have more time to sleep in the morning.  

However, scientists have proven that people who wake up early actually get many benefits than others. Here are 8 reasons why early risers are happier, more fulfilled, and more organized, and more successful.

1. You’ll Have More Time to Plan and Organize Your Day

If you don’t wake up early, you are usually rushing through the morning. You will hardly have any time to stop and think for a moment, much less creating a plan and to-do list for the day.

Being organized is very important for stress management and productivity because if you know what you are supposed to do during the day, you will always be in the right headspace to accomplish everything that you’ve planned. If, however, you don’t have a plan, you’ll be more likely to forget to do something important.

If you form a habit of waking up early, you’ll have time to organize and plan your day. This will enable you to approach your tasks more easily. Taking a few minutes to write down a list of the things you need to do will save you a lot of stress and you’ll instantly feel more productive.  

2. You’ll Have More Energy

Yes, you might feel groggy and sleepy when you wake early in the morning. The solution is to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. If you change your sleep schedule, you will notice that many things will improve in your life.

First, you will get better sleep, and entering deep sleep cycles has restorative benefits for you, such as tissue repair, bone repair, increased the blood supply in your muscles, cellular correction, lowered blood pressure, building muscle, and relaxation of the whole body.

3. Your Brain Will Function Better

If you feel dizzy or foggy during the day, you might consider setting your alarm earlier. Christopher Randler, a biology professor at Heidelberg, the University of Education in Germany, says that waking up early improves brain’s functions.

They are better critical thinkers and have better problem-solving skills than others. They also are funnier, more creative, and more efficient workers thanks to the boos in memory and concentration.

4. You’ll Be More Productive

One study which was published in the Journal of General Psychology found that people who wake up early procrastinate less than those who go to bed late and wake up late.

According to the study, morning people tend to be more focused and disciplined which goes hand in hand with productivity. Moreover, early risers are attributed to be more cooperative and agreeable which makes them better team players.

Their productivity is boosted because their brain is recharged and ready for work, they begin their day with less distractions, they plan their day ahead, they have more energy to get everything done, and they are in a better mood overall.

5. You’ll Be More Successful At Everything You Do

Whether you are a student, or you are employed, waking up early in the morning gets you better results with everything you do. This is because they are more focused, more concentrated, and have better time management skills than others.

6. Your Mental Health Will Improve and Your Positivity Will Increase

The greatest benefit that you will get from walking up early is that your overall mental health will improve. On the contrary, sleeping too much can lead to depression, and the same goes for other mental disorders and illnesses.

Moreover, a study which was published in the Cognitive Therapy and Research Journal found that those who don’t get much sleep and tend to go to sleep later and wake up early are at risk of developing negative thoughts.

So, if you find yourself overthinking at night and feeling anxious, you might consider changing your sleep pattern.

7. You’ll Become More Attractive

According to a study by the Stockholm University, waking up early can improve your physical appearance because you will appear fresh, energized and vital. And, of course, sleeping and waking up late can make you look tired and the more tired you look, the less attractive others perceive you.   

8. There Is Silence, Peace, And Quiet Around You

According to a study, if you wake up before everyone else, you will enjoy great moments in peace and harmony. There wouldn’t be any honking horns from cars. There would be no loud noises. You will have a nice and quiet time for yourself, something which is extremely important for your well-being considering the hectic life we all live.

Mary Wright