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No More ‘People Pleasing’ – I Am Done Trying To Make Everyone Happy


All my life I was a ‘people-pleaser.’ I always cared more about what other people will think of me than living my life fully and freely. Almost every decision I made was highly influenced by my desire to be accepted by others and not be judged.

Well, this is my final decision – I quit.

I quit constantly feeling pressured to stay in my comfort zone and conform to the status quo all because I don’t others to think I am pretentious. I am done trying to fit in. From now on I’ll be who I am.

We should all do just that.

We should stop saying ‘yes’ to people and things we don’t like.

We should stop allowing other people to step over our boundaries.

We should stop giving power over our lives to other people.

We should stop making ourselves smaller and putting ourselves down to make someone else feel better.

We should stop calling people who drain our energy and make us feel bad.

We should stop remaining silent just because we are afraid to speak up.

As for myself, I am done living my life constantly under the pressure to conform to other people’s opinions. I am done trying to make everyone else happy whilst making myself miserable.

I no longer can diminish the fire in me. I was not born to be mediocre. We are all unique and have a special star shining over us, and we should use the power that is inside us to do great things.

Let’s do some extraordinary things.

Let’s say ‘NO’ more.

Let’s say ‘YES’ to adventures, happiness, love… everything that makes our heart jump with joy.

Let’s wear whatever we want.

Let’s not feel guilty for cutting out toxic people.

Let’s surround ourselves only with positive people who empower us and give meaning to our life.

Let’s speak our truth regardless of who wants to listen.

We shouldn’t try to blend in. We shouldn’t dismiss ourselves. We shouldn’t let others dictate how to live our life.

We have the power to become the person we always wanted to be.

If you are happy in your comfort zone, living the ordinary life, trying to agree with everyone – I am not.

Who’s with me?

Mary Wright