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8 Things You May Not Have Realized Are Actually Emotional Abuse


When you start a new relationship, it’s always because you think that the person you’re dating is worth your time. You see them as being a good person, otherwise, you wouldn’t be with them. Sadly, although you may think that, you could be terribly wrong.

Even if your partner isn’t hitting or kicking you, that doesn’t mean that you’re not being mistreated. The signs of abuse are often so subtle, that even the victim might not spot them. These are 8 things you may not have realized are actually emotional abuse.

1. Discounting

Whenever you feel like you’re being mistreated, they tell you that it’s all in your head. They completely discount your feelings by saying that you’re just being overly sensitive. In the end, this just causes you to stop trusting yourself.

2. Accusing

You haven’t done anything to merit having accusations thrown at you. However, that’s exactly what’s happening. This devious person will accuse you of doing the most terrible things constantly. More often than not, they’re just trying to shift the blame from themselves.

3. Forgetting

This person can remember that one wrong thing you said 6 months ago, but it seems that their memory is selective. Somehow, they always conveniently forget everything that doesn’t suit them, along with all their own wrongdoings. As well as that, they also “forget” all the things that are important to you too.

4. Contradicting

No matter what you say, you’re wrong. Whenever you speak, they have to butt in and oppose everything that you say. Even when they agree with you, they’ll pretend that they don’t just to keep you feeling on-edge.

5. Criticizing

Nothing that you do is ever good enough for them. Although you bend over backward to try and do better, all they see is everything that you do wrong. In spite of all your efforts, they just want to tell you all the ways that you could improve.

6. Diverting

Whenever they don’t like how the conversation is going, they’ll just change it. You could be in the middle of a sentence and they’ll decide to interrupt you and talk about something else. Similarly, when they don’t change the subject, they’ll twist your words and pretend that you meant something different than what you did mean.

7. Undermining

This person just wants to belittle you in any way that they can. When you express your opinions, they tell you that you’re wrong. Worse still, they’ll make you feel stupid for thinking what you do. Likewise, whenever you suggest something to them, they completely dismiss it, even if your idea was a good one.

8. Negative Body Language

It’s not just the way that they use their words which can be a problem. On the contrary, the way they use body language is also vital. They could refuse to make eye contact with you, throw things just to scare you, frown at you, or roll their eyes when you speak.

It’s easier to see a problem if you’re being physically abused. However, emotional abuse is a far more different story. Victims of this kind of treatment often feel alone, trapped, and helpless. Although they know that they’re not happy, they often don’t think that anything is wrong. If someone is doing any of these 8 things to you, please don’t ignore it. These are all signs of abuse, even if it doesn’t look like it.

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Eva Jackson