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8 Reasons Why Aunts Have An Irreplaceable Role In A Child’s Life


Parents take care of and teach their children, grandparents advise and spoil them, and aunts give their nieces and nephews all of this. Aunts have an irreplaceable role in every child’s life.  They can be a teacher, a friend, a confidant, and they may even take on the role of second mothers in some instances.

Aunts give their nieces and nephews unconditional love and support and they care about them as if they are their own kids. That’s how pure and deep an aunt’s love is.

Here are 8 reasons why aunts have an irreplaceable role in every child’s life:

1. They are caring and loving.

Aunts adore showering their nieces and nephews with kisses and hugs. They can cuddle with them for hours and this caring and affectionate nature of aunts makes the connection between them and the kids stronger, deeper, and unbreakable.

2. They have a different perspective on life.

These caring, loving, and amazing human beings don’t try to treat children in the same way their parents do. Aunts will help the child look at problems in a completely different way as their view on life is different from that of a responsible parent.

Aunts are very understanding and open-minded and they can offer their nieces and nephews help for anything, from writing their homework to advising them about solving a difficult problem or their love lives.

3. They never miss anniversaries.

Whether it’s a birthday or graduation party of their nephews and nieces or just a family gathering, – aunts are always there to celebrate it. They’ll never miss an event regardless of what they have to do – call in sick or go to another country.

Additionally, besides giving the best hugs, aunts will never forget to buy their nieces and nephews nice gifts since they adore spoiling them.

4. They use every opportunity to hang out with the children.

When it comes to hanging out with their nieces and nephews, aunts are never busy or tired. They’re always ready to watch cartoons, read the same comic book out loud time and time again, sing, eat snacks and sweets, and play with the kiddos at any time of day. They simply enjoy spending time with their nieces and nephews.

5. They are always ready to listen and help their nieces and nephews.

You’re ashamed to share your problem (be it a love issue or otherwise) with your parents and ask them for advice? Well, then go to your aunt. She’ll always be ready to listen to you attentively and help you overcome your worries and problems.

You can discuss with your aunt anything that you want without being afraid that she might get mad at you or criticize you. And one more thing – aunts are the best at keeping secrets.

6. They teach values.

When parents try to teach children values, the latter naturally try to disobey them because they see this as an order. However, this isn’t the case with aunts.

To aunts, it’s much easier to teach the kiddos good values, life lessons, and how to distinguish between what is morally right and what’s wrong. And the reason is simple – aunts are more like friends, which makes it easier for them to communicate with the kids, teach them values, and motivate them to grow and be better.

7. They stay compassionate and kind even when the children make mistakes.

Aunts know how to install proper manners and behavior in their nieces and nephews. When the kids make mistakes or behave badly, aunts don’t shout at or fight with them. Instead, they stay kind and relaxed. They try to discuss the issue with the kids and explain to them why their behavior is wrong and how to correct it. Yes, aunts are truly amazing, aren’t they?

8. They’re happy to have more nieces and nephews.

Regardless of how many of them they have, it always feels great to have more kiddos to kiss and hug, to teach, to play with, and to love. The more nephews and nieces aunts have, the happier and more fulfilled they feel.

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Riley Cooper