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11 Red Flags You’re Dealing With An Evil Person


We generally believe that people are inherently good with occasional minor lapses in character and willpower, but there are other individuals who simply prove this philosophy wrong.

They’re inconsiderate,  apathetic,  envious, sly, and controlling – they’re the evil ones.

They are cruel. Kindness, compassion, respect, mercy, remorse are concepts unknown to them. They’ll stop at nothing to put you down and take advantage of you. Oh, and yes, they don’t pick favorites. If you get in their path, get prepared to be manipulated, deceived, and thrown away like a piece of trash without any second thoughts.  

The worst thing is that our tendency to always see the good in people can often make us blind to the evil lurking beneath their pleasant façade and cute smile. You may think they’re the nicest, friendliest people you’ve ever met, but, in fact, he/she is nothing else, but the devil in disguise.

So, how can you recognize that someone is evil?

Following are 11 signs that will help you identify if you’re dealing with such a person, and if you happen to spot them in someone, make sure you steer clear of them.

1. They deny the reality.

These people live in denial. They know a different truth and reality and they’re nothing like yours. Even if something is a fact, they’ll never accept it as such. Instead, they’ll use their twisted ideals and perceptions against the facts, and they’ll confront and argue with you about that.

2. They twist the facts.

If they come across a fact that doesn’t agree with their sinister goals and manipulative reality they’re trying to impose on you, they won’t hesitate at all to twist it.

They’re always ready to take things out of context, attribute new meanings to your words, and create “alternative” facts so as to create a story that will suit their purpose. And if they notice that you’re falling under their influence, they can even make you doubt your own decisions and choices.

3. They like to have total control over everyone and everything.

Of course, to make all their plans work and achieve their sinister goals, they have to be in complete control over the situation.

These  control freaks have a strong need to be superior than the rest. To make sure they feel and look that way, they’ll sound condescending when talking to you.

In addition to this, they can get very controlling and possessive if they notice that somebody is trying to earn your trust and become your friend. These people will stop at nothing to gain total  control over you and be in a position of power.

4. They keep information from you.

Withholding information is not lying, in their view. If they believe that something will compromise their plans, they’ll withhold any relevant information about that.

Additionally, they can keep information from others if they know this will tarnish someone’s reputation. For example, they will “accidentally” leave out important facts and figures of a document to make you look bad during a meeting or group presentation. And if you find out? Not only will they pretend to be naïve and twist the truth, but they’ll make you feel guilty for not trusting them.

5. They mislead people.

If they want to make you believe in the 0pposite of what occurred, they exactly know what words to use. They’ll take one piece of information which is true, and they’ll twist it in a way that will make you feel vulnerable, afraid, incompetent, or hated. In the end, you’ll start believing in the information the way they presented it.

Additionally, they can also turn you against other people by feeding you with lies and spreading rumor. And if you fail to realize that they’re just trying to manipulate you, they can make your best friend to become your greatest enemy.

 6. They feel no remorse.

These people never feel bad for the way they treat others. They don’t feel sorry for anyone they’ve manipulated and destroyed, and they can go to any length to get what they want. And if this includes hurting you, this won’t make them change their mind.

They’re merciless and never take into consideration how you feel – moreover, they take pleasure in your pain. If they intend to hurt you, they won’t care how they do that as long as their goal is achieved.

7. They lie excessively.

Lying is their way of expressing themselves. That’s just the way they think. If they have a thought they want to share with you, they’ll give their best to spice it up and make it jucier.

They mainly lie to gain something from you, be that information or money, but they also lie because they enjoy and get pleasure in fooling others.  Compulsive lying is like the most interesting game to them. And if you catch them lying, they’ll come up with a dozen more just to cover them up.

8. They never take responsibility for their actions.

These people simply don’t have a moral compass. They can hurt you time and time again, but they’ll never feel responsible for the pain they’ve caused you. Instead of admitting their wrongdoings, they’ll make themselves look like they’re the kindest, nicest, and most innocent people you’ve ever met, and they’ll shift the blame onto you. They’ll make you feel responsible for things that are not your fault even before you blink.

“I apologize” is a sentence that doesn’t exist in the vocabulary of these inconsiderate people. They consider apologizing to be a virtue of someone who is weak and inferior to the rest.  So, never expect this kind of people to apologize to you. In fact, the chances are they’ll accuse of accusing them, and the only person who’ll end up apologizing is… you guessed it – YOU. Oh, and yes, you’ll apologize for something you never did.

9. They are the best manipulators.                          

To control the situation at hand, they’re ready to use all kinds of manipulative techniques. Silent treatment, false praise, superficial sympathy, nagging, emotional blackmail, intimidation, playing the victim, you name it, they’ve mastered all of them.

They know how to plan 10 steps ahead and they always manipulate you with a purpose. They will make do the things they are incapable of doing, and, of course, they’ll take all the credit afterward, leaving you feeling that you were not competent enough to do what you did

10. They’re fair-weather friends.

These people will be around when things are going well, and they’ll disappear before you blink as soon as you need help or you find yourself in some sort of trouble. If such person offers to help you, know that they’re doing that for a purpose, which, of course, will benefit only them.

Such a person will support and help you only if they can gain something from you. They simply don’t see any reason why they should be there for you if there’s nothing in it for them.

11. They steal your time.

This kind of people don’t like to see others do better and be more successful than themselves. So, to slow you down and make sure you fail, they’ll make you lose track of time.

For example, if they know you have some kind of deadline or important events to attend, they’ll just show up, steal your time, mess up your plans, and make you fail. They’ll try to ruin all your chances of any improvement, be that in your career or personal life.

Riley Cooper