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8 Things Every Fierce Alpha Female Looks For In A Man


Being in a relationship with a fierce and independent woman means having a woman in your life who knows how to live her life and get the best out of everything. She is someone who won’t tolerate bullshit but will make you a better person.

Unfortunately, many men are intimidated by these women. They don’t understand that even though this woman looks like high-maintenance, she is someone who wants the simple things in life because she knows that those are the hardest to find.

Here are 8 things that this woman looks for in a man.  


She needs time. She wants a man who will understand her need for time because she is someone who doesn’t let in anyone in her life quickly regardless of how strong the connection is. She needs to be sure that you are worthy of her love and her time. So, if you want to be with her, please be patient and let things between you flow naturally.  


She needs the man to respect her as a woman. To respects her opinions, her values, her time, and her emotions. She won’t tolerate disrespect in any shape or form. So, if you want her in your life, be sure to show her respect and appreciation every day.


This is not only something she wants, this is something she needs. She truly needs her alone time to decompress and be herself. This doesn’t mean that she got bored with her man. It just means that she needs that time to do things she loves and focus on herself.


While she may look distant and cold, she most certainly isn’t. There is a reason she is guarded and has shut down her emotions. She will open up to the man who will show her (and prove her!) that he truly cares about her.  


Every strong, fierce, and independent woman needs consistency from her man. She can’t be around someone flaky. She can’t stand a man who can’t make up his mind whether he wants to be with her long-term. She cuts off those guys right away. With her, consistency is key.


No mind games. No manipulations. She won’t have any of that. She is a sincere, blunt woman and she expects honesty from her partner as well. Whether you want a relationship or one-night stand – just be honest and tell her. She will appreciate that.


She needs a man who will understand her. Someone who knows that she doesn’t want him texting her nonstop and spending every single moment of his free time with her. She wants someone who understands that they are both independent individuals with their own careers and separate lives. Someone who will be her equal – not someone who will cling on her.


She is a human being. So, regardless of their strength and independence – she will get hurt from time to time. That’s why she needs love. Real love. Because after all – that’s all that matters.

Dear independent and fearless women, do you have something more to add? 

Mary Wright