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7 Subtle Signs That You’ve Finally Met Your Twin Flame


Your twin flame, soulmate, life companion, a kindred soul. All of these are words for the most important person that you will ever meet during your lifetime. They’re someone who you’re connected to on a deeply spiritual level. When you finally meet them, everything in your life seems to fall into place.

Not everyone realizes that they’ve met this wonderful person and often overlook the signs telling them that they have. If you think that they’ve entered your life, here are 7 subtle signs that you’ve finally met your twin flame.

1. You Feel Déjà vu

When you meet, you feel like you’re experiencing something that you’ve already felt at another time. Your souls are tied together in a joint experience that bounds you together in every life. Because of that, you can have a distant memory of the other person that you may not fully understand.

2. There’s an Instant Connection

It can take a long time for you to warm up to some people, but that’s not the case with this person. You instantly connect on a deep and spiritual level. As if overnight, you two can become closer to each other than you have been with anyone else.

3. You’re Free to Be Yourself

Sometimes we can become stuck in situations that make us feel uncomfortable to be ourselves. Certain people can make you hide parts of yourself from them or even become a completely different person. With you’re twin flame, that’s not an issue. You feel completely comfortable being yourself around them and so do they with you.

4. You Share Goals

Your souls and minds are connected. Just like every soul is destined to pursue a specific goal, so is yours. The two of you share a destiny and because of that, you both have similar dreams that you want to accomplish.

5. It’s Like You’ve Known Each Other Forever

You could swear that you’ve met them before. Sometimes you might even think that you’ve met them in a previous life. You feel a certain closeness to each other that you don’t normally feel when you first meet someone.

6. You Understand Each Other Without Speaking

It’s like you both share a silent language together. You don’t need your words to speak to one another, you have much more effective ways. Through movements, gestures, looks, and even plain silence, you can communicate to them what you want to say.

7. Your Own Life Starts to Improve

You’ve begun to notice that since you’ve met them, you’ve grown as a person. Not only that, but your personal life has started getting so much better too. You may not even realize that it’s a result of meeting them, but it surely is.

Even if you have haven’t met your twin flame yet, don’t despair. The universe has destined you two to meet one another. If you haven’t yet, it’s just not the right time. When you finally enter each other’s lives, you’ll see a whole new world open up in front of you.

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Eva Jackson