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No Matter How Hard Life Gets, Always Be Grateful For What You Have


God has planned and created our lives as perfect parts of His. He doesn’t want us to forget how much He loves us. That’s why He bless us with wonderful gifts on our journey.

However, oftentimes, many of us tend to forget these gifts because of the pain and the many battles that we face in our day-to-day lives.

But, regardless of how difficult life gets – be grateful.

Be grateful because you are here. You are alive. You are an amazing human being and your existence in this world is a big reason to be thankful for. Because even though you might not believe it – you matter.

Be grateful for all the people that you have in your life that are always there for you. The ones who stayed with you through thick and thin. Be grateful for your family and your friends who always supported you and believed in you. Be grateful also for those people who broke your heart so that a new light can come in. The ones who made you stronger and resilient.

Be grateful for all your wounds and scars on your body that are there to remind you that you’ve survived every battle. That you have a lion heart able to endure everything.

Be grateful for all the good things you have in your life. Like how wonderful the sun is shining every day, how delicious your morning coffee is, how warm your room is… Because small things are the things that matter at the end of the day.

Be grateful for your mistakes for they are what shaped you into the person you are today. If it wasn’t for your mistakes, you wouldn’t have learned all the things you know today. You wouldn’t be you.

In a world full of worries and regrets, be someone who appreciates the things you have. Be someone who is grateful and sees the good and beauty in everything.

And always believe that no matter how hard things get – God always has something good for you. You just have to trust Him.

Mary Wright