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8 Things Anyone Who’s Highly Sensitive Can’t Deal With


Everyone in this world is different from one another. Some people are stronger than others, some are more academic, some are meaner, some are kinder, and naturally, some are more sensitive. Being highly sensitive has a lot of wonderful benefits as these kinds of people are often extremely compassionate, understanding, and empathetic.

Unfortunately, like all things, this trait also comes with a downside. There are some things that people with this characteristic simply cannot handle in their lives. If you want to find out what they are, these are 8 things anyone who’s highly sensitive can’t deal with.

1. Making Quick Decisions

These kinds of people require a lot of time to make decisions. They need to think about every possible answer and outcome before they can do so. If they’re forced to make a decision quickly, they’ll often freeze and be unable to. Deciding something without being one hundred percent sure that they won’t regret it is impossible for them.

2. Rude People

Some people out there are just nasty. Most people accept this, and when someone is rude to them, they don’t take it personally. Highly sensitive people take these things to heart. They see it as a personal attack whenever someone is less than kind to them.

3. Violent Images

Seeing images or videos of people fighting, in pain, injured, or dying hurts them deeply. Of course, almost anyone would be upset by these images, but it’s a different story for highly sensitive people. Things like that completely overwhelm them, so much so that they can’t handle their emotions around them.

4. Horror Movies

It doesn’t have to be real images of violence that make these people upset. Horror movies are enough to set them into a downward spiral of negative emotions for days, or sometimes even weeks. Even though they know that what they’re seeing is just makeup and special effects, the idea of violence alone is devastating to them.

5. Criticism

Constructive criticism is normally something positive. Unfortunately, highly sensitive people don’t see it that way. Although they try to put on a brave face and pretend that people’s suggestions don’t hurt them, it really does. It makes them feel like they’re not good enough or disappointing everyone around them.

6. Bottling Up Their Feelings

These people, by nature, are ruled by their emotions. They have no way to stop them from bubbling up to the surface as they please, no matter how hard they try to hide them. Trying to bottle up their feelings only makes the feelings grow that much stronger. Eventually, they’ll explode, at any time and in any place.

7. Change

Change is letting go of something that once was to find something new. Although finding new sources of happiness is important to them, letting go is not so easy. They’re extremely nostalgic and like to hold onto the past for as long as they can. Any kind of change does not come easily to them.

8. Losing Someone

For anyone, losing someone who was close to them is heartbreaking, but highly sensitive people can’t handle it even slightly. Whether they break up with their partner, have a friend drift away from them, or have a loved one pass on, they can be left in a terrible depression afterward with no way out in sight.

If you’re someone who’s highly sensitive, then remember to take a break from time to time. You need some time alone to recharge and recover from the extreme nature of our world.

If you’re close to someone who’s highly sensitive, then try to be understanding of where they’re coming from. They know that they can be a bit over the top sometimes, but they really can’t help it. Try to avoid exposing them to these 8 things as much as you can, they will really appreciate it.

Eva Jackson