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She Was Your Soulmate, And Soon You’ll Realize How Badly You F*cked Up By Leaving Her


You found an amazing girl. She loved you more than you could ever imagine that anyone could. That wasn’t enough for you and you left her behind anyway. You broke her heart, but in the end, she’ll be the one that breaks yours. She’ll forever be the one that got away.

You thought that leaving her was in your best interests, but it turns out that you were wrong. Now it’s too late to ever take it back. She was your soulmate, and soon you’ll realize how badly you f*cked up by leaving her.

You’ll Realize What You Lost

Sure, at the start you didn’t care. You didn’t think twice about your decision to leave her behind in the dirt. Soon, you’ll realize how important she really was to you and what you left behind. Even if it takes months or years, it will hit you one day that she really was the one.

You gave up your best friend. Even more than that, she was your soulmate. She loved you more than anything in the entire world and you took it for granted. When you needed her, she was there, and she gave up so much just to make you smile. You’re going to face the harsh reality that not many people are willing to do that.

She Won’t Fight for You Anymore

No relationship is perfect. Every day that you were together, she fought for you and for your relationship. She tried so hard to make it work, to keep what you had strong, but there was only so much that she could do alone. You wouldn’t fight for her. Eventually, she couldn’t go on without an ally by her side.

As soon as things started to look hard, you ran away like a scared child. You couldn’t face the realization that you would have to put in some effort now. She couldn’t fight anymore, and you thought that that meant it was time for you to leave.

You left, and she won’t fight for your love anymore. No one has hurt her as much as you have, that’s not something that she wants in her life again. Go ahead and text her that you miss her months later, but don’t expect her to respond. She’s done chasing after your love.

Someone Will Love Her the Way You Should Have

Did you really expect her to sit around waiting for you until you decided that you wanted her back? No, she’s not going to do that. She’s not going to stay single, hoping that you’ll come back. What will really happen is that she’ll realize how much better off she is without you.

She’ll find someone new, who’s caring and compassionate. Because of you, she’ll know not to settle for someone who doesn’t put in the work. Her new partner will be someone that loves her as much as she deserves and treats her like with compassion and respect. It will be the love that she could never have had with you.

When you’re alone at night, I hope you have a long, hard look at what you’ve done. I hope that you realize how badly you’ve messed up by letting her go because you can’t have her back no matter how much you want to. You’re going to see that she was the love of your life. She was the girl that you could have had forever, but now she’s gone.

It doesn’t matter how much you regret your decision, do her a favor and leave her alone. She’s much better off without someone in her life who doesn’t appreciate her.

Eva Jackson