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One Good Woman Is All A Real Man Truly Needs


There are too many guys out there who seek out multiple relationships at once. They need to have more than one woman in their lives just to feel satisfied. These are not real men. They’re boys who haven’t learned how to get their sh*t together and stop playing games.

One good woman is all a real man truly needs. Anyone who thinks differently has some serious growing up to do.

Women are Not Toys

Women are not a game to be played because you feel bored in your own life. Relationships are not some sort of sport that you need to win by being with as many of us as possible. No one will congratulate you on playing these games. No matter what you do, messing with women means that you lose.

Maybe when you were in school you collected action figures or cards. You can’t expect to collect women in the same way. Leave these games in the playground because we are not trophies to be won.

If She’s Not Enough, She’s Not The One

So you’ve found a girl that you really care about. She seems to have the whole package, smarts, looks, personality, everything. Despite this, you still go after other women. You still feel unfulfilled in your relationship.

If this happens, then she is not your true love. Even if you think that she has everything that you want, if you’re still looking for someone else, then it’s not meant to be. Stop wasting her time and let her go. You’re robbing her of the chance of finding someone who will really appreciate her.

If You Really Love Her, You’ll See Past Her Flaws

When you’re in love, all your girl’s imperfections won’t push you away from her. In fact, her flaws should make you love her even more. You should love her for everything that she is, no matter what.

Maybe you’re going after multiple women because you’re looking for perfection. If so, you’re on a doomed path. There’s no woman out there who’s perfect. What you really need, is the woman who’s perfect for you.

Women Won’t Wait For You

While you’re busy messing around and breaking hearts, women are busy finding love. They’re finding real men who’ll love them unconditionally, without the need for other women in their lives.

If you keep playing the field for too long, you’ll find that all the good ones will be gone. Perhaps the girl that you really cared for will have moved on as well and found someone who treated her better than you ever did.

If you Love Her, Don’t Lose Her

Don’t be foolish enough to lose the girl that you really love just because you wanted someone else as well. Even if she loves you too, that doesn’t mean that she’ll stick around no matter what.

If you don’t really love her, then don’t waste her f*cking time. If you do, then treat her right. Don’t let her go because of your own stupidity. When you find someone you love, hold onto her and appreciate the woman that you have. If you don’t, a real man will.

Real men don’t want to play games and break women’s hearts. They know that when they find true love, they need to settle down and treat their girl right. A real man knows that all he really needs in life is one amazing woman to spend it with.

If you’re still wasting the time of the women in your life, now is the time to stop. Grow up and act like a real man. When love hits you, there’s no reason to look for someone else.

Eva Jackson