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Sometimes The Woman Who Is Always There For Others Needs Someone To Be There For Her


A woman who is always there for others is a woman who feels a lot. She has a giant heart, a deep ocean of feelings inside her, and sometimes she falls for people who are afraid to go into the depths with her.

She gives and gives and gives… She tears her heart and soul and gives the pieces to other people who fail to appreciate her.

She gets hurt. She aches. She is wondering whether someone will ever be able to match her efforts and give her the love she unconditionally gives to others. Whether someone will stop for a moment and ask her how she is doing, how she is coping, how she is healing…

And because that never happens, she finds strength in herself to heal. She kisses her wounds and builds herself up. She knows that she is doesn’t need anyone to save her – she is her own savior.

Yet, sometimes she does need someone.

Sometimes the woman who is always there for others needs to have someone who will be there for her. Sometimes the woman who always offers her shoulder to everyone else needs a shoulder to cry on. Because sometimes women with the biggest smiles are those who are hurt the most…

And oftentimes, the woman who always encourages others needs someone to tell her that she matters, needs to feel appreciated, needs to have someone to encourage her to be her most wonderful self.

If you are the woman who is always there for everyone else, please know that you have a golden heart. You are someone who sees the good in others, someone who can calm their racing heart and truly be there for them – a gift that only rare human beings possess.

Know that you are a true inspiration for many. A ray of hope to the brokenhearted. You make them see the beautiful things in their life, something which they have forgotten to do a long time ago.

But, also know that you are not invulnerable. You need to rest. Your heart and soul need to rest. You don’t have to feel obligated to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders because you cannot save everyone, you cannot heal every hurting heart.

You need to heal as well and invest all the energy you so freely give to others in yourself. You don’t have to be strong always. You are allowed to get tired and isolate from everyone.

You are a human being also. And sometimes you need help. You should ask for help. You shouldn’t always be the only one who saves herself.

Because you deserve the love you are giving to others.

Mary Wright