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8 Reasons Why The Majority Of Men Can’t Handle A Female Empath


Being in a relationship with an empathetic woman can indeed be a challenge for many men out there. This woman’s warm and caring nature and her hypersensitivity can become burdensome for the relationship only because most men don’t know how to handle her and the situation properly.

Here are the 8 most common reasons why it is difficult for many men to handle a female empath.

1. She Is Brutally Honest

Even though it is true that we all tell white lies from time to time and many of us are fine with this fact mainly because sometimes we prefer to be lied to that hear something that will hurt our feelings – an empathic woman is always honest.

She feels obligated to tell the truth and only the truth regardless of hurting someone in the process. Plus, she doesn’t know how to lie, so she’ll always speak her mind.

2. She Is Very Intense

This woman is someone who is only interested in forming deep and meaningful bonds with people in her life. Be it her friends, partner, family members – every meeting she has with them is a special and intense one. But, most men can’t handle her intensity because not everyone likes to often find themselves in overwhelming situations.

3. She Has and Values High Morals

Empaths have a strong sense of morality. They have very high morals which they follow to a T. An emphatic woman can never be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t have morals or doesn’t share the same values as her.

4. She Asks Way Too Many Questions

An empathetic woman wants to know everything. She wants to know all the details about every single thing that happened to her loved ones. However, the majority of men don’t want to talk too much and certainly, they don’t want someone to keep asking them questions because they feel like they are being trapped.

5. She Commits with All Her Heart

Her true commitment is often seen as neediness. Because of her empathy, she can allow herself to commit only fully to someone or not at all. She cannot be in a relationship other than a fully committed monogamous one. And of course, most men don’t want or are not prepared to be exclusive and commit to one woman only.

6. She Values Reliability and Consistency

In general, men like things that are spontaneous, exciting, and adventurous. They don’t want to plan things ahead. An empathetic woman, on the other hand, has everything planned in her life. She hates taking risks and go out of her comfort zone. She follows plans and wants someone who is consistent and someone that she can rely on.

7. She Wants to Be in A Stable, Committed and Long-Term Relationship

Her romantic soul is not interested in one-night stands and meaningless flings. This woman wants to form a deep and meaningful bond with her partner. However, there are men who fear commitment or are simply not ready for it.

8. She Is Fiercely Independent

Many men can’t understand the paradox of the empathic woman who wants to be in a committed relationship while she is being a completely independent woman. However, this is true for all female empaths out there.

Mary Wright