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8 Clear Signs That You’re In Dire Need Of A Mental Break


Despite how important it is to our wellbeing, people often put their mental health last. They ignore the signs that their body is giving them because they feel that they have more important things to worry about. It’s only when stress begins to affect you physically, as well as in your everyday life, do you start to pay attention.

Don’t wait until you’re at your lowest point to take the rest that you need to recover. Watch out for these 8 clear signs that you’re in dire need of a mental break.

1. You Feel Like You’re Juggling Too Many Things

There’s never a chance for you to just stop and breathe. You have so many different responsibilities going on at one time that you don’t even know where to start. Along with that, you’re having trouble finishing tasks because you’re constantly thinking about the next one.

2. Your Eating Habits Are Off

Whether you’re eating more than usual or less than usual, your habits have changed. Your appetite is completely off from what it normally is. Even your food preferences have changed too.

3. You’re Feeling Physical Symptoms of Stress

When you’re stressed, there’s a huge amount of terrible physical symptoms that you can feel from it. It could be that you feel nauseous, are constantly tired, can’t think straight, have a constant headache, or are gaining weight. No matter what it is for you, your body is just not feeling great.

4. You Can’t Sleep

It doesn’t matter how exhausted you are. You know that the moment your head hits the pillow, you’ll be filled with racing thoughts and worries. All of it is keeping you up at night and making you miss out on vital sleep.

5. You’re Not Taking Care of Yourself Properly

It’s not that you don’t want to, you just have other priorities, or you feel like you physically can’t. You haven’t been preparing yourself healthy food, showering as often as you should, or giving yourself any breaks.

6. The Smallest Things Can Set You Off

One word from someone or one picture on the internet and you can burst out into tears for seemingly no reason. Similarly, you’ve been on a short fuse lately. Even the tiniest thing can send you into a blind rage.

7 You Can’t Focus on Anything

You’re constantly feeling like you have brain fog. Things are just happening around you and you can’t seem to grasp at them. You can’t remember things, you’re having trouble completing tasks, and you definitely can’t take in any information properly.

8. You Feel Like You Can’t Keep Going

The biggest sign that you can get is knowing that you need a break. Don’t ignore your mind and body telling you that they’re exhausted. You know that you’re overworked, so listen to yourself.

Feeling any of these 8 things means that you really need to take some time to rest. Otherwise, you’re going to end up completely burnt out. You may feel like you’re just too busy to take a break, but you need to take care of yourself first. Look after yourself, your body, and your mental health.

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Eva Jackson