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8 Characteristics That Only ISTJ Personality Types Have


Within the Myers-Briggs personality set, ISTJs are the most common personality. Despite this, however, they’re also the most misunderstood. People with this personality type are normally extremely kind and caring but can show it in a way that not everyone understands.

If you have an ISTJ personality, it’s likely that people misinterpret your behavior. However, the traits that these people have are some of the most practical and extraordinary. These are 8 characteristics that only ISTJ personality types have.

1. They Have a No-Nonsense Approach to Life

In any situation, no matter how difficult, ISTJs will always stay calm. They try to assess a situation before panicking and will always figure out a practical solution. There’s no room in their lives for unnecessary fussing.

2. They’re Ideal Night is One That’s Spent at Home

As introverts, these people will often prefer to stay at home. Rather than going out on a Saturday night, they’d much rather curl up on the couch at home with a book or movie. Either alone or with one or two close friends, a night in is their dream.

3. Honesty is Everything to Them

We often hear people say that “honesty is the best policy” but ISTJs take this very much to heart. They find lying to be impractical and pointless and can be very unforgiving if someone is dishonest with them. They themselves will never be caught lying. People may view them as blunt, but really, they’re just trying to be honest.

4. They’re Self-Sufficient

Asking for help is not something that they will easily do. People with this personality type will try to find answers to their own problems. They’ll go through every possible solution and will almost always be able to fix things by themselves.

5. Change Makes Them Nervous

ISTJ personality types can often be stuck in their ways. Having the things around them change, either for good and for bad, can be terrifying for them. They may take longer than others to adapt and settle, but they almost always will.

6. They Do Things By the Book

Rules are there for a reason, no one knows this more than an ISTJ. They will always follow regulations and guidelines. Although some people find rules to be restrictive, ISTJs view them as helpful and important to follow.

7. They’re Old-Souls

Traditions are very important to these people. They’ll often stick to tried and true methods that they know will succeed. The way that they do things can be seen as old-fashioned, but that doesn’t stop them from getting the job done.

8. They Show Affection Through Action

ISTJs generally struggle to express their feelings. Instead of telling you, they’ll often show their affection for you through the way that they behave. They’ll care for the people important to them and support them wherever they can.

Every ISTJ is different, but most of them can relate to similar traits. They often share the same struggles in everyday life and are almost always misunderstood. If you have this personality type, you’re more than likely an amazingly reliable and sensible person.

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Eva Jackson