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8 Behaviors Every Toxic Person Displays Before Revealing Their True Colors


Toxicity can come at many shapes and forms. It can come from your partner, siblings, friends, co-workers, or even your family members. Yes, there is no relationship that is perfect all the time and we all make mistakes, but there are people who are just wrong for you because when you are around them you feel sad, irritated, angry, and exhausted.

There are people who even if they aren’t innately bad people, they are toxic for you because they bring out the worst in you. That’s why in order to maintain your sanity and wellbeing you must learn how to recognize them from the beginning and not allowing their toxicity to get to you.

Here are 8 things that reveal that a person is toxic for you and you should cut them out from your life as quick as possible.

1. They Make You “Prove” Yourself And Your Worthiness

They have the power to make you feel guilty for everything bad that happens between you two. Whenever you are around them, you have an inexplicable need to prove yourself and your worth to them because somehow you don’t feel good enough for them.

2. They Never Apologize

If you wait for a toxic person to apologize to you, you’ll wait forever. That’s because some people have a grandiose sense of self and they don’t think that they can ever make a mistake. In their mind, it’s always other people that are wrong and need to change.  

3. They Don’t Reflect, They Project

Instead of taking full responsibility for their actions, toxic people would project everything to you and blame you for their mistakes. They may say something like “What’s wrong with you? Why are you in a bad mood? You are driving me crazy!” Remember, this has nothing to do with you. It’s all them.  

4. They Are Highly Manipulative

Toxic people are hardwired to be deceptive and manipulative. Lying, cheating, deceiving, is all they do. Maybe they don’t do it on purpose to hurt you, but it’s their nature and they can’t help themselves.

5. They Never Reciprocate

Toxic people always take, take, and take, without giving anything in return. That’s because their emotions are very shallow, and they don’t know how to give. They will never meet you half way. With them, it is always their way or the high way.

6. They Always Have Something Negative To Say

If you have good news to share, you better not share them with a toxic person because they’ll ruin the occasion for you by immediately saying something negative to dim your light and happiness. Because that’s what they do. They can’t stand someone being better than them.

7. They Exaggerate

However, when it comes to their accomplishments, they tend to exaggerate them while downgrading the successes of other people.

8. They Gossip

This one is self-explanatory. Every person who gossips is toxic both for themselves and for the people around them.

Mary Wright