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8 Amazing Things Strong Women Don’t Tell You They Do


Strong women know what they want out of life and they know exactly how to get it. They’re not afraid to go out into the world and assert themselves as the wonderful women that they are. That being said, they aren’t always vocal about the ways that they behave in order to get what they want out of life.

These women don’t feel the need to explain themselves to anyone. They’ll live exactly the way that they want without feeling the need to talk about it. Here are 8 amazing things strong women don’t tell you they do.

1. They Accept Themselves

A strong woman knows exactly who she is. She loves herself for all the wonderful parts of her and for her flaws as well. If something about herself is getting in the way of her life, then she’ll work to change it instead of beating herself up about it.

2. They’re Selective About their Friends

These kinds of women only have a small circle of people around them. It’s not that they don’t like many people, they’re just more selective about who they give their time to. They’re very careful not to let toxic or negative people in their lives.

3. They Like Being Single

Who really needs a relationship anyway? Strong women don’t mind being single at all. In fact, they really enjoy their independence. When they do meet someone they care about, they’ll have no problem entering a relationship with them, but they won’t chase after love.

4. They Love Planning

Nothing is better to them than something that’s well-planned. They love being in charge of any arrangements that are going on. Sometimes this can be a bit of a problem for them though since poor planning can drive them insane.

5. They Intimidate Some Men

Some guys just can’t handle the idea of a strong, independent woman. This doesn’t bother her though. She knows that the only man that’s worth her time is one that loves her for who she is and isn’t scared off by her fierce nature.

6. They Stand Up For Themselves

They deserve respect, decency, and fairness. If someone is trying to take that away from them or is treating them badly, they won’t stand for it. They’ll call the other person out and demand the respect that they deserve. Otherwise, they’ll just walk away.

7. And They Stand Up for Others

A strong woman knows that she’s not the only person on the planet. Everyone else deserves the exact same treatment that she does. When she sees someone being treated badly, she’ll be sure to stand up for them.

8. They Encourage Other Women to Be Strong Too

A truly strong woman admires other strong women. They want nothing more to see every female out there find their voice and their strength from inside themselves. They always encourage other women to be themselves, be independent, and speak out.

Strong women may not always talk about the way that they behave, but they don’t need to. They know that they’re doing the best that they can and that’s all that really matters to them. No matter what, they don’t need someone else’s approval to live their lives.

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Eva Jackson