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7 Things You Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Empath


Being an empath is a powerful gift that very few many people possess. Many of them accept their abilities and try to use them to help people, while others may not even realize that they have them. These hidden empaths often feel like they’re different to everyone else or that they’re just overly-sensitive.

If you feel that you’ve always been different, you may be an empath without even realize it. To help you find out, here are 7 things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re an empath.

1. You Always Know To Trust Your Instinct

When it comes to making important decisions, your gut instinct is almost always right. You’re highly-intuitive about everything and can always see the best path to take before anyone else does. In any situation, you can always trust yourself to make the right choice.

2. You Need Time Alone

Although you love the company of others, you become easily exhausted. There’s often so much going on around you that you become overwhelmed and emotionally drained. When you need time to recharge, you like to spend some quality time alone.

3. You Give Too Much

You have an intense need to care for others. Although this is a wonderful trait to have, it can also cause many problems for you. It seems that you give too much to others and have nothing left for yourself. You’ve stretched yourself too thin from all that you do for people.

4. You Absorb the Emotions of Others

When someone is happy, you feel the same. Equally, when someone around you is sad, you can truly feel their pain. You fully experience the emotions of the people around you. Even people that you barely know can greatly affect how you feel.

5. You’re Extremely Sensitive

Things that others may simply look over can easily upset you. You can’t stand to see violence or people fighting or upset. People may say that you’re just too sensitive, but really, it’s because of your empathic abilities. The pain of others is far too much for you to bare.

6. You Seek Refuge in Nature

The world around you is overwhelming. When you need a break, you find that being in nature is the best place for you. Even in your bleakest moments, you being outdoors will heal you almost instantly. The natural world gives you energy and rejuvenates you.

7. You Always Try to Heal Others

Seeing other people upset, hurt, or in pain gives you a sense of deep sadness. No matter what happens, you want to help the people around you when they need it most. It could be a friend, family member, or a stranger. Whoever they are, you want to support and heal them.

If you do these 7 things, then it’s likely that you’re an empath. Even though you may have simply thought that you’re strange or overly-emotional, that’s far from the truth. In reality, you have an amazing power that most people do not possess. Use your gifts to help others as much as you can but don’t forget to give time for yourself.

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Eva Jackson