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8 Powerful Signs That A Recently Departed Loved One Is Contacting You In Your Dreams


Three years ago, a dear friend of mine passed away. I was heartbroken at the fact that I would never see them again and thought that I would never recover. Soon after, I began to dream of them. It became clear that my friend was trying to contact me in my dreams to give me the comfort that I needed to move on.

A loved one of yours may also be trying to reach you. These are 8 powerful signs that a recently departed loved one is contacting you in your dreams.

1. Your Dreams are Vivid

Our dreams can often be fuzzy and intangible. Despite this, you’ve recently been having wildly vivid dreams about your deceased loved one. You can see them perfectly and will remember it all clearly the next morning.

2. Your Senses are Awake

It’s not just your vision that’s active. During your dreams, your other senses are working too. You can reach out and touch your loved one or smell their scent as they get close to you. It’s as if they were in the room with you.

3. You Dream of Memories

When we sleep, our thoughts can sometimes be complete nonsense. Since your loved one has passed, you’ve been having more realistic dreams. In fact, you’ve been dreaming of memories that you have of them. They are sending these memories to you in the hopes that you will receive their messages and know that they are with you. It’s easier to understand if you have started to research what a dream meaning is.

4. They Seem Healthier Than Before They Passed

If they were older when they passed, they now appear more youthful in your dreams. Similarly, if they were sick, they now seem healthier than ever. They’ve passed onto the next life, and in that life, they are the strongest version of themselves.

5. Your Dreams Change

You don’t have the same dream every night. Something changes each time. It may be as subtle as the clothes that they’re wearing or as obvious as the place that you’re in. They are trying to give you a different message each time.

6. Your Loved One Tells You Things

When you see your loved one in your dreams, they speak to you. They tell you that they’re still with you or that they’re safe and well. Sometimes, they may be giving you a warning. Even if they tell you something cryptic, listen to what they have to say, it may have a hidden meaning.

7. It Seems So Real

It’s not like a dream that you would normally have. During these dreams, you feel like you’re really there. It seems as real as going to the store or walking down the street. You often question whether you were asleep or if it really happened.

8. When You Wake Up, You Feel Safe

You don’t wake from your dreams feeling frightened and alone. Instead, you have a sense of calm and well-being. You feel like your loved one is there with you, protecting and comforting you.

Although your loved one has passed onto the next life, they are still with you. They’re contacting you in your dreams because they want you to know that they are okay. As well as that, they want to make sure that you can move on from their death and live your life fully.

If you know someone who’s loved one has just passed, send this article to them. They may be being contacted in their dreams and not realize it.

Eva Jackson