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7 Things Women Forget About Men Regardless Of How Obvious They Are


Men and women are very different in their nature. And even if they live together for years they will still sometimes have troubles understanding each other, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

Today, there are many articles and advice on what men want in a relationship and even though women know these things, they still make the same mistakes over and over again.

So, here are 7 truths about men that women tend to forget.

1. Men Need Space

This is a thing which all women have difficulty to understand. We all need space, but sometimes men need it more than women do. So, ladies – if your man says he needs space to do his own things, you should let him have it. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Because for men it is a normal thing. If you don’t give him space, he’ll feel smothered and you’ll end up pushing him away.

2. Don’t Wait For Him To Always Take Action

If you like someone, don’t always wait on the guy to make the first move. Men are just as intimidated and nervous as women are when it comes to dating. Therefore, try meeting him halfway. Plus, men love it when the woman is confident and takes the initiative towards them.  

3. Men Hate Drama

Men are simple beings and they want to live a stress-free and easy life. Yes, they can deal with women’s drama for some time but if it becomes a constant struggle – they will leave the relationship even though they love the woman.

4. If They Want To Cheat, They Will

You can try to be with them 24/7, control their every move, but if they want to cheat – they will cheat. If your man is a cheater and you want to have a committed and monogamous relationship, then leave him because they are obviously not the right person for you.

5. Don’t Assume You Are In A Relationship If You Haven’t Talked About It

He thinks you are seeing each other casually, but you think that you’ve been together for 5 months. Don’t think that you are in a relationship if he doesn’t act like it. If you don’t like his behavior then the wise thing to do is openly talk about him about your future together so that you’ll know for sure.

6. You Can’t Change Them

You may think that you can change them with time, but you’re wrong. You can’t change a man. They can only change if they want to change, but that is a decision that they need to make on their own. You can either accept them as they are, or move on. Everything else is not fair for both of you.

7. Men Want You To Know Your Worth

Men don’t respect women that don’t respect themselves. Women who are secure and confident have better luck with men because they know what they want and they know their worth. Therefore, they don’t fall for unavailable guys and guys who don’t treat them well.

Mary Wright