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The Heart-Wrenching Ad That Proves How Strong Moms Of Sick Children Are


Luckily, many parents won’t ever know what it is like to watch your sick child struggle every day. And when I say sick, I am not referring to viruses and fevers. I am talking about those little kids with real chronic illnesses that can sometimes be fatal. This is a kind of pain that no parent should ever face and yet, many do. It’s excruciating, heart-wrenching, and soul-crushing kind of pain.

Honoring Mother’s Day, the children’s health nonprofit SickKids Foundation released a 9-second ad to honor moms of sick children and show how strong they are even though they are devastated and broken.

In the commercial, there are moms who are praying, screaming, and breaking down in tears as they are faced with their terrible reality and watch their sick child struggle. You can almost feel their anguish as your own. Then these moms are shown to wipe their tears, pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and get ready for work.

They have to be strong to the outside world and for their family even though they are breaking inside.

Take a moment of your time and watch this heart-melting commercial to cherish mothers on Mother’s day.

They are brave, they are strong, they are capable. Their heart is enormous and they love their children more than their own life. They would do anything if they could just for a moment relive their infant from the disease…


Mary Wright