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7 Self-Help Strategies To Cope With Loneliness During Social Distancing

7 Self-Help Strategies To Cope With Loneliness During Social Distancing

As the coronavirus pandemic started spreading all over the world and government officials began declaring a state of emergency, every person across the world was advised and in some cases even urged to engage in social distance. Every country introduced a set of strict measures meant to prevent the surge in new cases. Social distancing is one of the first measures that was believed to be crucial in order to slow the rate of infection and therefore, prevent hospitals from overcrowding. However, despite all of our best efforts, the world experienced and is still experiencing one of the greatest threats in history.

Right now, it seems as the rate of new Covid-19 cases is slowing down. Still, even though our countries are now preparing to ease some of the lockdown restrictions, we cannot ever forget the tragic toll coronavirus took on us. So, far there have been 4 million cases of people infected with coronavirus, out of which million 1,394,388 recovered and 276, 496 died tragically.

It’s extremely daunting numbers considering the covid origins that got us to this point.

Nevertheless, this is not the end. In the following period will be hard on us all. But we have to do our best to overcome the struggle.  With that being said, it is important to understand that while some people thrive during their isolation, there are others who suffer. So, let’s not forget about them.

Below are 10 self-help strategies that are guaranteed to help you cope with loneliness during these hard times:

1. Stay in touch with your friends. Spend more time with your loved ones. You may not be able to see touch them or hug them, but nothing stops you from seeing them. Our lives are online right now. So, what stops you from scheduling a regular coffee or wine date with your friends or even your family and have a chat? Literally nothing. We live in a time where we have the advantage to even choose from a wide range of apps. You have Facebook, Viber, Skype, Zoom, Face time. It’s really that easy. I know it’s not the same as being next to the one you love, but it is close you can get right now. Be grateful for it.

2. Do the things you enjoy. The things that feed your soul and make you feel warm inside. Surround yourself with warmth. Curl up under your big cozy blanket, make yourself a cup of tea and turn on your favorite show. Read a book if that’s what you prefer. Test your photographing skills, draw, write, exercise, get busy in your garden. Get lost in your world. Whatever makes your soul smile is good for you.

3. Start meditating. You don’t have to be perfect at it do it right. It is always right as long as doing it makes you feel good. And also, you don’t need to change your religious opinions and beliefs in order to practice it. Put all of that aside and focus both your mind and body on positive thoughts only.

4. Engage in acts of kindness. Having to stay at home does limit your ability and will to volunteer and help those in need, but there is always an alternative to those who really wish to do well. You may not be able to go outside, but you can still be there to support the people who are struggling right now.

5. Reflect back on positive memories. If you are not feeling well right now, perhaps one of the things that might help you lift your spirits is revisiting some old photos and lovely memories. I know it always worked on me. It’s true, nostalgia might sound like a sad emotion, but it can also teleport you to certain periods of your life when you felt great joy and life was much simpler. Also, studies have proven the direct link between nostalgia and reduced loneliness.

6. Spend more time in nature. The truth is, not all of have the privilege to live near a park, the woods or a quiet, uncrowded neighborhood. But you are fortunate enough to live near nature and you still haven’t taken advantage of that, I suggest you immediately put on your hiking shoes and hit the road. Plus, I don’t think there’s a better way of maintaining social distance. Research has also proven multiple times that being in nature boosts your wellbeing, increases your attention capacity, and helps you connect with other people, even if you are doing it alone. The reason for that is because being surrounded with the natural world reminds us that we are not alone in this world and that there is something much bigger than ourselves. And that I think is the highest level of self-awareness.

7. Find new music. Or listen to what makes your soul spark with joy. Play your favorite tunes and sing as loud as you can. It doesn’t matter how you sound. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing. Research has shown that singing by yourself can be therapeutic and calming and depending on the genre it can also lift your spirits. So, sing. Sing as loud as you can. Sing from your heart. Sing until you are out of breath. Until you release yourself from everything that is weighing you down. And remember, this too shall pass. 

Stephanie Reeds