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7 Reasons Why Being A Boy’s Mother Is One Of The Greatest Blessings In Life

7 Reasons Why Being A Boy’s Mother Is One Of The Greatest Blessings In Life

Motherhood is the most life-changing and eye-opening experience in life. You grow a part of yourself within you. A life that depends on you. You protect that tiny human being for 9 months, bring it to this world and you fall in love with it. You fall in love with it so hard that you no longer imagine your life without them. Boy or a girl, as long as they are healthy and thriving, you are happy as well.

However, today  I’d like to talk about boys.

So gather around lovely mothers of boys and let’s look at the top 7 reasons why being a boy mom is one of the greatest blessings in life:

1. You learn to thrive in chaos. Let’s admit it. Boys are boys. And they are noisy, loud, messy, scruffy and sometimes chaotic. What’s more, they are constantly on the go. So what’s there for mothers to do but adjust their sails and keep moving forward? The truth is, from the outside it may look like boys’ moms are surviving, but what they really do is thriving. Learning to think faster and be more efficient. Doing their best to find peace in the chaos. Adapting. Learning. Growing.

2. You learn not to take yourself so seriously. When you are a boy’s mother, you realize that life is indeed about fun and laughing. About the way you see things. For example, to them, every bodily function as they grow and explore their body is a potential laughing matter. All of those things that girls find disgusting, boys often laugh at. And it’s no big of a deal. In fact, it is their own way of exploring life. And also, teaching you that it’s okay to be goofy and silly every once in a while.

3. Boys teach you to see things through an entirely different perspective. And also to learn how to communicate using just a few words. I bet all of you know what it feels like to ask them something and get a short “Fine”. Yep, that’s the way most boys communicate. But that’s alright. Even though sometimes it can be annoying, that’s just another skill that you get to develop raising boys.

4. You get to experience what is like to be someone’s first true love. The realization that you are the entire world to that tiny little human is unlike anything else. Knowing that you are their first love, their best friend, their parent, their caregiver, their everything is truly life-changing. A truly rewarding, out-of-this-world experience.

5. They teach you that some things are really worth the risk. They take risks. In most cases more than girls do. And while sometimes they get you worried sick, they also prove to you that there are times in life that the reward is really worth the risks that you are taking.  

6. You learn to watch your step. Literally. Because if you don’t, you will end up crying out loud for sticking your foot in their LEGO fort or their car toys or any other spiky toy they enjoy playing with. Oh, what a lovely life of tiptoeing around the house so you can avoid pain. However, even though it’s painful at times, it also teaches you a lesson. To be careful where you walk. To look carefully before you leap.

7. You finally understand a lot of things about boys that drove you crazy as a youngster. Every moment of every day is different. Everything is a revelation to you. At last, you get to learn something interesting about them and finally understand the things that baffled you as a child.

Stephanie Reeds