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7 Harsh Truths Of Life That Will Force You To Get Your Sh*t Together


The average life expectancy of someone in the US is 75 years. You spend the first 18 years learning and shaping who you are as a person with the help of parents and teachers. After that, you’re on your own. That gives you 57 entire years to make your life as wonderful as possible.

The fact of the matter, however, is that you can’t improve your life if you’re lying to yourself about reality. You need to understand these 7 harsh truths of life that will force you to get your sh*t together.

1. People Lie

Some of us like to assume the best in others, but people need to earn your trust. It’s a simple fact of life that everyone lies. Some people will tell you small white lies, others will deceive you in the most heinous ways. Don’t let yourself be fooled and remember to always trust your gut and look for proof.

2. Temporary Happiness Will Ruin You

So, you see a nice, expensive watch that you really want. You save up enough money to finally buy it and you’re ecstatic. For the next few weeks, you wear it with pride, but the joy and excitement you felt starts to fade. Soon, you start to want the next thing, and then the next and the next. Possessions can’t give you real happiness, you need to learn how to create it yourself.

3. You Need Goals

Not everyone wants to be a CEO and that’s fine, but you still need something to aspire to. Perhaps your dreams are to be a great parent, to travel the world, or to open your own company. Whatever they may be, they are what’s going to give your life purpose.

4. Not Everyone Will Like You

If you think that everyone in the whole world is going to like you, then I’ve got news for you, pal. There are over 7.5 billion people in the world, so it’s impossible to please everybody. A lot of people are going to dislike you and some will even hate you. Focus on the people that matter to you, not on the people who will never be your friend.

5. You Will Fail

I hear people say all the time that their biggest fear is failure. Quite honestly, that a ridiculous and unrealistic fear to have. Everyone fails, end of story. What matter most is that you learn from your mistakes and keep fighting even when you’re down.

6. Daydreaming is Pointless

We all want something. After all, we just established that a life without goals has no meaning. However, that doesn’t mean that you should spend all your time thinking about these goals. Instead of wishing that you could achieve them, go out there and make it happen. You have the power to shape your own life, so do it.

7. Everyone Dies

It’s morbid, dark, and no one wants to hear it but it’s true. You’re going to die, the people you love are going to die, and even the people you hate will too. Stop putting things off or being afraid to try. Make the most that you possibly can out of life because this is the only chance that you will ever get.

Now that I’ve told you all these things, don’t forget them. It’s easy to read something and feel inspired for a few minutes before you go back to your same old habits. Get motivated, feel happy or sad or angry. Really understand and accept these 7 truths. Only then can you go on to lead a fuller life.

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Eva Jackson