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6 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Cancer, Written By One


Cancerians are renowned for being the most sensitive and emotional of all the signs in the zodiac. Being one of them myself, I can tell you that that’s not just a stereotype, it’s true. Sometimes it can be a positive thing, and sometimes it’s pretty negative. Either way, we know that sometimes we can be a lot to handle.

Whether you’re already in love with someone with this sign or you’re interested in one, there’s some information that you should have first. Here are 6 things you need to know before you date a cancer, written by one.

1. We’re Really Moody

Spend enough time around a Cancer and one of the first things you’ll notice is how quickly our moods fluctuate. One minute we’re laughing, the next we’re crying, and then we’re furious. Although we do try to get a hold on our mood swings, there usually isn’t anything that we can do about them.

2. We Can Be Pretty Stubborn

Trust me when I say that you will never meet someone as stubborn as a Cancer. We will cling onto our argument like it’s our life. Even if you’re making perfect sense, we’ll still want to believe what we already believe. However, when the heat of the moment has died off and we’ve had time to think, then we’ll realize that we were wrong and apologize.

3. We’re Protective and Loyal

If anyone messes with the people that we love, they’ll be in for a world of hurt. Our family and friends mean absolutely everything to us, so we’ll stay by their sides no matter what. Despite how timid we can be most of the time, we’ll fight back when someone tries to hurt them. Even though we can’t stick up for ourselves, we can when it comes to the people that we care about.

4 We Overanalyze Absolutely Everything

We think about everything. Every possible outcome, every bad decision, everything anyone says or could say. We even plan conversations before they happen too. Don’t be fooled into thinking that we can just let things go. If we go silent after speaking to you it’s not because we’re calm, it’s because we’re assessing every possible meaning your words could have had.

5. We Can Hold a Grudge

Remember that slightly mean thing that you said to us 6 years ago? Yeah, we remember that. No only that, but we also remember where it happened, what you were wearing that day, the weather, and the tone you said it in. Although we don’t carry around our grudges constantly, they quickly pop back into our memory during an argument or if you upset us.

6. We Will Love You More Than The World

Despite our sensitive nature and moody behavior, we really do care. When it comes to the important people in our lives, we will give them so much love and respect. It’s simply in our nature to want to care for and nurture the people that mean the most to us. So, if you can handle us, we will make you our everything in return.

Like anyone in the world, we Cancers have both our strengths and our weaknesses. Thankfully, our strengths are what make up for everything else. Date one of us and you’ll experience love and affection as you’ve never had before. I promise you, it’s worth it.

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Eva Jackson