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6 Toxic Relationship Habits That Most People Consider Normal


Love is the main force that inspires people and pushes them towards reaching their highest potential. It is the most powerful emotion among people. We all want to find someone with whom we are compatible with. We all want to find true love and intimacy.

And when we do find a partner, we should be careful to not make these 6 toxic things that can destroy even the best relationship.


Yes, you are in love. Yes, you are committed to your partner. But, that doesn’t mean that you own each other. There is no place for control in a loving and healthy relationship. You should trust your partner and they should trust you. You both should have freedom in the relationship. So, any type of control can destroy your relationship and the trust between you.


Blaming your partner for your issues is a bad thing. When you have had a bad day at work, don’t take it out at your partner. Your partner is not your punching bag. They are not responsible for your frustrations and the things you experience outside of the relationship. They are human too, they have their own problems. They want to help you, but you need to tell them what’s the real problem, they are not a mind reader.


Just because you are in love with your partner and don’t want to lose them, it doesn’t mean that you should justify their inconsiderate behavior. You don’t have to put up with their bullshit just because you are scared that calling them out on their shit will lead to an argument. You need to face the problem and solve it together with your partner. And remember, never blame yourself for their mistakes.


‘You cheated on me, so now I have a right to cheat on you,’ and anything along the lines of this is a sign of a toxic relationship. Partners that are in a relationship that is based on mutual love and trust understand that everyone is prone to make mistakes, so they decide either to forgive each other and stay together or go on their separate ways. They never keep score or try to hurt each other intentionally.


Relationships should be based on mutual trust. So, asking your partner about their passwords is a clear sign that you don’t trust them. Any stalking on social media, calling them any 30 minutes to check up on them, or keeping a track of their likes and followers on Facebook and Instagram is a serious red flag.


Let’s say you had a fight with your partner and you decide to share every detail of your fight with your friends or post about it on Facebook. Sharing personal information about your relationship with others is toxic and it can destroy your relationship. Because not all your friends will be supportive and with their comments they cloud your judgment. There are some things that you should really keep behind closed doors because not everyone has your best interests at heart.

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