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When A Woman Is Tired Of Fighting For You, She Won’t Give You Another Chance


When a woman loves, she loves with all of her heart. She’s not afraid to undress her soul naked in front of the man she loves. She’s capable of doing the impossible and even sacrificing herself for the love in her life. Because she deeply cares.

But, if you dare to play her and take her love for granted, believe me, a strong, brave woman won’t hesitate to leave you.

Because when a woman is done with you, she’s out the door and there’s nothing you can do to stop her.

A woman in love will give you a piece of her heart. She will let you find comfort in her beautiful soul.

She will provide you with a home. A safe and warm nook where you can rest your soul.

A shelter from the world. A tender, loving and promising embrace that everything is fine as long as you are here.

But, once you betray her trust, she won’t give you another chance. She won’t be afraid to leave you, even if she ends up alone forever.

Once her trust is betrayed, once the glass is broken, there’s no way you can fix it. You may try to glue the broken pieces together, but it will never be the same. Those tiny crystals, those essential parts of her heart are now forever gone.

Once you pass the point of no return, it is too late. It’s late for regrets, it’s late for your fake confessions, it’s late for forgiveness. You won’t get her back.

You might think that sugar-coating the truth for her and saying how you’ve changed will make her believe you and take you back. But, you’ll be amazed at how brave and thrilled she’ll be to move forward instead of having you in her life.

I’m not saying that it will be easy for her, but once she’s done fighting for you, she will let go. Completely.

Because she is stronger than you think. Her heart is vulnerable and full of love, but she knows her worth. She respects her boundaries. And she won’t allow you to hurt her.

She won’t let you manipulate her and convince her that you care for here when you clearly see her as one of your one-time flings.

She won’t let you control her life, because she would never accept to be one of your victims. Never in a million years. That’s just not the kind of love she wants.

She dreams of love. Real, all-consuming love. Spiritual connection that goes beyond any physical realm. A partner whose heart will be in sync with hers. A human being who will understand her nature, no matter how peculiar and fragile it is. Someone who will treat her with respect.

She deserves the world, and you know this. No matter how much you wish to deny the truth, deep down you know you weren’t good enough. You know you made a mistake with her, but what hurts the most is the fact that you’ll never be able to get her back.

Because once she’s done trying to salvage your relationship, she won’t give you another chance.

So, please. Try to learn from your mistakes and understand that this world is difficult enough as it is. Don’t go around treating people without respect. Life is a bitch, they say.

Because, just like a boomerang, karma will strike back and hit you in your pretty little, shallow head when you least expect it.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Stephanie Reeds