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6 Things You Should Remember Before You Date A Woman With A Big Heart But Overthinking Mind


Women with a big, soft heart are compassionate, caring, trustworthy, and loving. Women with an overthinking mind are complex and have a ruminative temperament. But, what about the woman that’s a combination of the two? Well, there’s only one word that describes her the best – she is unique.

This woman is kind and lovable, but the complexity of her mind makes her a difficult woman to deal with. Therefore, dating this kind of woman can be a struggle at times. Dating her requires a lot of patience, deep understanding, and nurturing. You’ll have to be prepared to do things and experience feelings you were not used to in your previous relationships. However, one thing is for sure: all this effort will pay off in the end.

Following are 6 things you need to remember before you date a good-hearted woman with an overthinking mind:

1. She overthinks everything.

This woman’s mind never stops working. She constantly overthinks everyone and everything around her. No matter how happy, fulfilled, respected, and loved she feels in her relationship, she finds it hard to fully enjoy it because she tends to overanalyze every situation and every word and action that her partner says and does. She’s also prone to making scenarios in her head about things that may not exist at all.

Therefore, she may be super nice and loving one moment and act cold and distant the next. However, the reason why she behaves this way in her relationships is not that she’s overly sensitive or that she wants to create drama. She just wants to protect herself from getting hurt. 

2. She has a soft, simple heart.

When this woman is in love, she loves truly, wholeheartedly, and unconditionally. Because her genuine, soft, and simple heart knows no other ways of loving.  She believes in true love and she believes that the man she’s with is the right one for her.

However, sometimes the depth of her love and her tendency to trust people easily cause her to get hurt.

3. She appreciates small gestures of love.

The woman with a big heart and an overthinking mind is not the type of woman that lavish gifts and exotic travels will satisfy. No! This woman appreciates those small and seemingly unimportant romantic gestures that are actually a sign of love.

Whether you’ll bring her breakfast in bed, leave a cute love note on her bed in the morning, send flowers to her office, or just tell her “I love you” while watching a movie together with her, know that this will bring a smile to her face and let her know that there is a lot of love floating in the air.

4. She’ll never settle for a mediocre relationship.

This woman knows herself well. She is aware of her strength and qualities as well as weaknesses and imperfections. But, she also knows what kind of romantic relationship she wants to be in.

She wants her relationship to be meaningful, deep, and passionate. She wants to be with a man who will wear his heart on his sleeve and who won’t be afraid to commit to her. She wants to be with a man who will be willing to join her efforts to keep the spark between them always alive.

5. She’ll confront and challenge you.

Yes, this woman is kind and patient, but that doesn’t mean she’ll turn a blind eye to your broken promises, frequent excuses, and mistakes. Rather, she’ll call you out on your bullsh*t and bad behavior.

But, she’ll also confront you when you’re doing things that hinder your growth. She’ll do everything she can to encourage you to work on yourself, develop yourself, both personally and professionally, and become a better person.

6. She can be hard to deal with at times.

Well, if you don’t belong to the category of overthinkers, then you may find it difficult to deal with her at times. But, know that once you win her love and gain her trust, she’s yours forever. She’ll be your cheerleader. Your greatest help. Your confidant. Your most loyal and supportive friend. Your perfect lover.

Trust me – being in a relationship with this kind of woman will feel like a wonderful, unforgettable adventure – an adventure where new surprises will await you at each step.

Riley Cooper