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10 Things That Happen To You When You’re Highly Driven And Yet Incredibly Lazy At The Same Time


There’s one special type of people in the world – a type that joins the qualities of lethargy and an intense desire to achieve. I don’t really understand how one can possess these two diametrically opposed qualities, but I do know that these people are more successful than others.

Whether their laziness enables them to make their life easier or they possess qualities that the rest of us don’t, these people do know how to achieve the things they want and make their life better.

Are you wondering whether you belong to this category of people? Well, if most or all of the following 10 things sound familiar to you, then you can be sure you do.

Here they are:

1. You are either very active or you aren’t doing anything at all.

You’re either working 10 hours 24/7 and preparing meals for you and your family and searching for ways to improve both your personal and professional life or you’re lying in bed checking your Facebook profile or watching movies on Netflix all day long.

2. You’re extremely indecisive.

You always have a hard time deciding whether you should buy the more expensive item that you truly want to have or the cheaper one – the one you know it’d be a smarter choice to make. You also often find yourself caught between wanting to fulfill your true potential and work more and knowing that you need time to recharge your batteries.

You’re always choosing between what’s easy and what’s best, and this is a battle you’ll have to fight within yourself until you reach a middle ground.

3. Most of your successes are a result of having big dreams and absolutely none of the energy to fulfill them.

You often end up finding easier, quicker, but also more effective ways at the same time to achieve your goals. Your lack of energy doesn’t prevent you from getting the things you want in life.

4. You were an average student that somehow turned into a marvelously “intelligent” grown-up.

You just weren’t interested in devoting your time and energy to subjects you didn’t feel would benefit you. But now, as an adult, when something does seem to serve you, you become greatly interested in it. You devote all your energy to it and make sure you reap all its benefits.

5. You hate following rules.

You can’t stand the concept of how things “are supposed to be done.” You have no desire to live your life and pursue your goals by following outdated rules, existing structures, and time-consuming and unnecessary methods.

Most of the successes you’ve achieved so far in your life are a result of you being innovative and always searching for easier, faster, and more effective ways to get the things you want and get where you want to be in life.

6. You don’t “date.”

You either get into a relationship in which you know that you’re investing time and effort in something that will pay off at the end or result in a firm and full commitment or you are simply not going to bother. Being in a casual, one-sided, or unstable relationship seems to you like a complete waste of time.

7. As for your friendships, you have only one close friend and … that’s it.

You want to have a lot of friends and feel a sense of belonging, but you don’t have the energy or desire to hang out with people that you see once a month, don’t feel any connection with, and don’t care if you never see again. You’d rather have one real, loyal, and supportive friend than a bunch of fake ones.

8. You are either dressed according to the latest fashion trends or you haven’t changed your shirt in days.

When you have an important meeting or a date to go on, you know what to wear to make yourself appear appealing and stylish. But the rest of the time, you wear leggings and a baggy T-shirt. At the end of the day, what truly matters is that you feel comfortable, right?

9. You make to-do lists consisting of 20 items and you often end up accomplishing only around 5 of them before giving up in favor of only, well, you know, lying on your comfy couch.  It is as if the mere idea of all the things you should and could do satisfies you enough.

10. At the end of the day, your only “goals” culminate into: How can I lead the easiest life possible?”

You want to be happy, fulfilled, and successful. You want to have a purpose in life and make your life worthwhile … yet only as long as all these things come easily.

Riley Cooper