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This Goes To The Girl That Hasn’t Been Herself Lately


Dear girl that hasn’t been herself lately,

Don’t despair. Don’t lose hope.

Your joy, your confidence, your tranquility, and your playfulness will all come back. I know you feel like your entire life is falling apart. But, I want you to know that what you’re going through is only a phase – a phase that will end very soon.

It is only a small chapter of the story you are writing, and when it ends, you will find yourself again.

It is difficult to describe what you’re feeling now.

You feel like you can’t do anything right in your life. You feel like you no longer have control over your life.

But, all this will be over soon. Nothing lasts forever.

And if you are thinking about giving up, I want you to remember one thing: You were born for this!

You were born to show the world how strong and resilient you are and that you can fight against anything that hurts you.

And I know you’ve been through worse. Even much worse, am I right? Now, you’re thinking that you’re left with only one option– to give up. But, you’re wrong. Oh, you’re so wrong.

Bad relationships, heartbreaks, failures, unfulfilled dreams, unaccomplished goals – you’ve been through all of this. But, you know what?

We’ve all been there.

We all have felt what it’s like to have your heart broken into millions of tiny pieces and to be left to pick them up piece by piece all by yourself. We all have felt what it’s like to be in a one-sided relationship in which your feelings aren’t returned and in which instead of feeling loved, respected, and fulfilled, you feel lonely, unappreciated, and empty.

We’ve all felt what it’s like to be so close to reaching your goals and then something unexpectedly happens which blows everything up. And then, you start thinking that you’re incompetent, weak, worthless. You blame yourself and think that you should’ve tried harder, that you should’ve and could’ve done it better.

But, what’s the use of racking your mind with thoughts like these?

You can’t let your heartbreaks and failures tear you down. You can’t just walk away from everything you want. You have another option:

You can rise up like a phoenix from the ashes and remember who you are.

Remember your strength, resilience, and worth. Remember all the people in your life that have loved and will continue to love you no matter what.

And I know you’ll choose the second option. Because you’ve done the same thing before, right?

You’ve already been in this situation, remember?  You felt like you were no longer in  control of your life, like everything was falling apart. But, everything you thought was true proved itself to be false. You realized that everything changes. And that’s the truth.

Life can be hard and unfair. It can be cruel and draining. But, this is not permanent.

We live in a fast-changing world and we change with it too. Our appearance, age, feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

But, do you know what never changes?

We never change from the inside. In our essence, we’re always the same, only trying to live through everything life throws our way.

So, that’s the proof that you’ll regain your old self. You’re going to feel like the old you again.

Do you remember what you were like when you were a child? Do you remember your memories and reactions? Well, they’re still there. It’s just that you grew up and you see the world with the eyes of a grown-up person.

But, we all have that childlike spirit in ourselves. We just tend to suppress it because to a grown-up, those memories and feelings don’t make sense.

So, look deep inside your soul and find your child self. You’ll see that you haven’t lost yourself.

I know it’s hard for you now, but remember that this is just a phase. It is just a chapter, not your whole story.


Someone who knows how you feel.

Riley Cooper