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12 Irresistible Qualities Most Men Find More Appealing Than Good Looks


A pretty face and a killer body are definitely what make people head turns, but it’s not the only thing that makes someone attractive.

It’s obvious that men are sexually attracted to gorgeous and sexy women. However, there are certain qualities that no man would ever resist. These irresistible traits are much more valuable than just good looks.

Here’s what makes men crazy:


Intelligence is the new sexy, indeed. There’s nothing more attractive than a sharp-witted woman who has the ability to entertain your mind for hours. It shows that she has ambition, she has a vision and she knows the value of good education. That is truly irresistible.


They say creativity is intelligence having fun. But, when I say creativity, I don’t mean that as a woman’s ability to organize her Pinterest boards. But, rather, her ability to approach life in exciting and creative ways. An extraordinary talent to provide unique solutions to life’s challenges.


Self-discipline. I believe that every person who consciously practices self-discipline is a person who knows how important self-care is. Men can sense this in a woman. They are looking for someone who will motivate them to work on themselves.


Every living being wants to be a part of a loyal relationship. That is why, when a man meets a woman, that is the first thing he notices about her. If she reveals an insincere and untrustworthy behavior, he may not believe she’s the one for him.


There’s nothing more seductive and irresistible than a woman’s ability to treat everyone with the same respect and love everyone from the bottom of her heart. Every man falls for this kind of woman.


We live in a world where Instagram makes it terribly hard for us to get to know the real version of people. That is why genuine people are truly rare. No matter how rare these genuine souls are, a real man would never settle for anything less than the real thing.


Maturity has nothing to do with the age of a person. Maturity is about emotional development, mental growth, healthy life choices and true love. Real men have no time to date childish women.


An optimistic mind has the ability to see colors beyond the visible spectrum. An optimistic mind can achieve the impossible. There’s truly nothing sexier than a person who sees the glass as half-full than half-empty.


Admit it, we all want a partner who is a little bit romantic. It’s really nice to feel that the fire between you is constantly bright because you two know how to spice up your love life. It’s not only women who want a romantic partner. Men also find romantic women more attractive.


It’s really easy to fall into the habit of wanting and demanding more. But possessing an empathic soul, that’s something truly rare. A compassionate and caring woman is every man’s dream.


Both self-respect and respect for others is a characteristic that all men find truly attractive in women. Keep in mind that the true measure of an individual is how he treats a person who can do him absolutely no good.


Determination is the most important thing in life that keeps us going. But, there are times in life when you simply cannot do more than you already have. There are times when it’s best to just let go of things. Because as one door shuts, another always opens.

Stephanie Reeds