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6 Struggles Of People In Toxic Families That Make Them Unable To Find Happiness


Toxic families can be a greater challenge to deal with than toxic friendships or toxic relationships. And individuals who are in toxic families often have common struggles that they might not realize they come from their toxic households.

These are the 6 most common struggles of people who are in toxic families.

1. They Often Become Anxious For No Apparent Reason

People who grew up in toxic families tend to be more anxious than others. And sometimes they can get anxious without any reason. They can’t identify the reason for their anxiety, but they know it’s there. There are days when they can’t even breathe, and they don’t know why.

2. They Struggle With A Lack Of Self-Confidence

People who were raised in toxic families and who have spent their whole life around toxic family members have a low self-esteem. They don’t have confidence in themselves, so they are always second-guessing their actions.


3. They Have A Difficult Time To Communicate With People Who Matter To Them

Individuals who come from toxic families struggle to share their feelings or talk things out with the people in their life. They have a difficulty standing up for themselves, so they are consciously or unconsciously letting other people walk over them.

4. They Let Toxic People Far Too Close To Them For Comfort

People from toxic families are used to toxicity. They grew up with toxicity and negativity, so they don’t know any better. They got so familiar having toxic people around them that they may even be addicted to it.

5. They Struggle To Have Healthy And Proper Functioning Relationships

Individuals from toxic families have a tendency to hurt themselves in the process of being in a relationship. They may unintentionally hurt their partner as well because they don’t know how to function and conduct themselves in a healthy relationship.

6. They Are Unable To Understand Their Feelings

Sometimes, they can’t even understand their own feelings. They may be feeling one thing and pretend that they are feeling something else. They don’t want to show their real emotions to others because of their past hurt in their toxic households.

Have you met people like this? Do you think that there is a way to help them find their happiness away from their toxic families? 

Mary Wright