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People Don’t Always End up with the Love of Their Life and That’s Okay


I am a big believer in love, even if I act and talk like I am not.

I don’t expect a fairytale love, nor do I have very much high expectations for romance. I am not looking for a Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet.

I am someone who actually likes dating and is happy to live in a time when monogamy is not the norm and people are free to experiment and fall in love as often as they want until they find what they need.

However, I do believe in love. I do believe in monogamy when you find the right person. I believe in true love because I’ve had it once.

I’ve had that ‘once-in-a-lifetime kind of love.’ The passionate one. The all-consuming one. The can’t-live-without-each-other love. That kind of love that people write poems and novels about. The love that teaches you the most valuable life lessons and gives more than it takes.

The love of your life.

If you are lucky, you will meet the love of your life. You will be with them. You will learn from them and you’ll allow them to influence and change your life in the best way possible. You’ll give yourself wholly to them and they would also give their all to you. It would be a connection and an experience like you’ve never experienced before.

But, even though you may meet the love of your life, sometimes you don’t get to be with them or keep them in your life.

You don’t get to start a family with them. You don’t get to spend the rest of your life with them because sometimes, love does not conquer all. Sometimes, love doesn’t triumph over irreparable differences. It doesn’t cure illnesses. It doesn’t save us from ourselves and our troublesome thoughts.

You may not end up with the love of your life because sometimes love isn’t all that there is. Sometimes you want the white picket fence, and they want a flickering career. Sometimes you want to explore the world with them and they want to stay peacefully at home.

When that’s the case, the most loving thing that you can do is let them go. Because more often than not you don’t have a choice.

However, bear in mind that not ending up with the love of your life doesn’t diminish their significance and the crucial role that they played in your life.

Because the thing is, there are people out there who will love you more in one year than others could love you in a lifetime. There are people that will teach you more about yourself in one day than others could ever teach you in years.

Some people get into your life and leave a mark that no one else can match or replace.

Mary Wright