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6 Red Flags You Are Dealing With A Narcissist


If at one point you get yourself involved with a narcissist, you will understand to what extent are these manipulative creatures prepared to go and push your limits. And because they only care about themselves, they will be probably the most horrible and loathsome individual you will ever meet in your life that you wish you never met.

A narcissist will think of you as their pawn, literally. They will use you as a means to fulfill their selfish desires and fantasies. They will use you as an ego-booster, always expecting to marvel at their “excellence.”  

1. They Are Continually Using You To Their Advantage

They will use and abuse you time and time again. They will always find new ways to exploit you. Even more so, they will destroy everyone that gets in their way of fulfilling their goals. The narcissist is also someone who wants to control you and everyone that they find important. Their obsession with power and image is so real that in the process of getting it they hurt many people.

2. They Are Arrogant With Everyone And Everything

Their self-importance and the feeling they are better than everyone else makes them one of the most arrogant people you will ever meet. Everything they say and do must be met with a standing ovation and you should agree with everything, otherwise, you risk seeing their horrible side. They will look at you with hatred as if you are their greatest enemy.

3. They Constantly Need Someone To Praise Them

A narcissist is in dire need of praise. They cannot live without it. They want to be liked, loved, and admired by everybody. They want to see their reflection on other people’s eyes and have people look at them as they are the most special thing they have ever seen. The approval of others is a narcissist’s food.

4. They Always Make It Your Fault

Whenever you decide to speak up and step up to them, they will say you are being emotional, crazy, or delusional. They will dismiss you and your words since they don’t hold meaning to the narcissist. Moreover, the narcissist will always make you feel that you are the guilty one for being overly dramatic and “imagining” things.

5. They Are Obsessively Jealous

A narcissist is extremely jealous. Anytime they see someone who is better than them, they get jealous and fill their heart with hate and conceit. They just can’t stand someone being more successful, more beautiful, or smarter than they are. They will loathe that person and if they get a chance, they will try to destroy them.

6. They Exaggerate Their Accomplishments

A narcissist will never get tired of boasting about their accomplishments. They will talk about themselves with such passion and ferocity as if they were the last gem left. Of course, they are successful because every narcissist doesn’t stop until they get what they want, but they tend to exaggerate their success even more.

Mary Wright