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6 Hidden Signs Of A Narcissist That Most People Ignore


Narcissists are all around us. It could be your mother, your cousin, your boss, your partner, or even your best friend. Virtually anyone in your life has the potential to be suffering from this disorder. The sad part is that it’s often nearly impossible to spot who they are.

They’re some of the cleverest and slyest out there. Because of that, they can make themselves blend in almost perfectly with the rest of society. Stay vigilant and watch for these 6 hidden signs of a narcissist that most people ignore.

1. They’re Self-Absorbed

Although narcissists are sometimes introverts, they aren’t good listeners like most introverts are. When they listen to others speak, they can find what they’re saying uninteresting or unworthy of their time. A narcissist would much rather speak about themselves or even listen to someone speak about them instead.

2. They’re Highly Sensitive

These people are more than happy to dish out criticism, but it seems that they’re not so good at taking it. It’s far too easy to hurt a narcissist’s feelings with even the smallest remark. This is because they have extremely fragile egos which give them the need to believe that they’re perfect. Any form of criticism can cause them to lash out or throw a fit.

3. They Don’t Feel Empathy

Both grandiose and vulnerable narcissists share this trait with one another. They are completely unable to understand or comprehend other people’s feelings. When someone around them is upset they’ll usually dismiss it or make the situation all about them.

4. They’re Smug

Narcissists believe that they are far superior to everyone else. However, some of them won’t show that in a very in-your-face way. Although they may not be spewing monologues about how amazing they are, they often give you the sense that they’re judging you for being inferior to them.

5. They Have Troubled Relationships

Being in a relationship with this kind of person is difficult, even if you don’t know that they have this disorder. Because of that, narcissists naturally have very difficult relationships. They’re often ones that are full of drama. Along with that, a narcissist will always portray themselves as the victim of their failed relationships.

6. They’re Passive Aggressive

Although some narcissists can be outwardly aggressive, others prefer a subtler tactic. They can agree with you when you tell them something and then do the complete opposite just to make a point. In other situations, they can make sly insults about you that they will later pretend didn’t mean anything sinister.

No two people are the same and the same can be said for narcissists. They all differ greatly from one another which can make it even harder to spot them. Whereas one may be extroverted, aggressive, and obnoxious, another may be introverted, sneaky, and self-absorbed. By knowing the signs to look out for, however, you’ll be able to protect yourself from the damage that they can inflict.

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Eva Jackson