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6 Things A Strong Woman Who Knows Her Worth Will Never Tolerate In A Relationship


If you’ve come across a strong, bad-ass woman who knows her worth and managed to create a meaningful relationship with her, you are truly blessed. These human beings are really rare nowadays.

However, I’m sure that right now you are probably wondering what you did to deserve her and what you should do to keep her. The first thing you should know about her is that she is a free bird. She may be in a loving relationship with you, but she needs her wings to fly.

Even though this might come as a real challenge to you, it is truly important that you embrace her the way she is and allow her to evolve on her own. That is if you truly love her and want to spend your life besides her.

Here are 6 behaviors a strong woman would simply not put up with:


Control may be sexy in the bedroom, if you are into some fun, kinky, role-play. However, if you start disrupting the balance of control by manifesting dominating and superior behavior, you can kiss the door goodbye, because a strong woman would never allow herself to tolerate such disrespectful and condescending behavior.

She knows how to take the lead. She has been doing that her entire life. That is why to be in a relationship with her you have to understand that she will never be your little puppet.


Let me tell you something. If you are someone who believes in patriarchy and male dominance over women, you have no chance with this woman. You may have probably done everything to disguise your conservative values in order to seduce her, but you know what they say, a lie has no legs.

She will find out soon, and when she does, you will regret your actions.

A relationship is supposed to be about equality, trust, and mutual understanding. If you can’t make it a level playing field, you don’t deserve this woman.


This goes without even saying it. NO means no. Get that through your head. When a woman has already told you her ideas and asked you to respect her personal space as well as her boundaries, that means that what’s beyond that frontier is literally none of your business.

Sticking your nose when it doesn’t belong will only get you in trouble. Some things will always be off limits, even for you. You can either accept that or leave. The choice is yours.


Communication is one of the most important parts of a happy and thriving relationship. If you can’t bother to listen to what she has to say, then it is obvious that you couldn’t care less about her. This is unfair and downright disrespectful.

A strong woman doesn’t need a partner who would only call her when he is desperate for a woman’s touch. What she needs is an equal partner who would be there for her and listen to everything she has to say.


Don’t even think that a strong woman will tolerate you and be with you if you don’t bother to support her goals and dreams.

It’s not that she needs help from you to do it. It’s the moral and emotional support that she craves. The fact that there is someone in her life who is 100% with her every step of the way is what makes her unstoppable.


Should I even say this? I mean, of course, you have to be emotionally available if you want to be with this woman. She is a human being who is driven by her emotions. She believes in love and looks for love in every segment of her life.

That is why, when it comes to relationships, she will never settle for anything less than the real thing. If you are not ready to be that person for her, leave her and let her find her happiness somewhere else.

Stephanie Reeds