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6 Disturbing Signs That You’re Arguing Against A Sociopath


Arguing with people is never easy. Sometimes they can be stubborn and refuse to budge their stance, but usually, you can come to some kind of understanding. That’s a completely different story when you’re faced with a sociopath. That kind of person will never back down and will do their utmost to manipulate you.

Identifying the kind of person that you’re dealing with is vital to understand if they’re worth your time or not. Here are 6 disturbing signs that you’re arguing against a sociopath.

1. They Refuse to Accept Blame

One of the biggest and most well-known traits of sociopaths is that they never feel remorseful. Along with that, they have huge egos that make them believe that they’re always right. These two traits combined creates a person who is unable to take responsibility for themselves and always needs to blame someone else.

2. They Can’t Help but Lie

These people are pathological liars. Unlike regular people, telling the truth doesn’t come naturally for them, they’re much better at twisting reality. Even if you already know the truth, they will still try to lie to you anyway.

3. They Try to Gaslight You

Something they do which is far worse than outright lying is gaslighting. This means that they change the story of what has happened before and make you believe that you were remembering it wrong or misinterpreting it. By doing this, they can make you question yourself, leaving you with only them left to trust.

4. They Won’t Admit When You’re Right

Something that a sociopath will never do is put down their defenses in an argument and let someone else know that they’re right. Even if you make the best case that couldn’t be refuted by anyone, they still won’t accept it. No matter what, they will disagree with everything that you say.

5. They Try to Force an Emotional Reaction from You

What they need most from you in an argument is for you to lose your cool. If they can achieve that, then they have a better chance at manipulating you. They’ll provoke you and say things that they know will upset you because they want you to react emotionally. After that, they can accuse you of being hysterical or of overreacting.

6. Their Mood Shifts Dramatically

One minute they’re calm and collected, the next minute they’re screaming bloody murder. It’s like dealing with Jekyll and Hyde, only they can switch from one to the other in a matter of seconds and then back again.

If the person that you’re stuck in an argument with does any of these 6 things, it’s time for you to run. They could be a toxic sociopath who will stop at nothing to manipulate and hurt you. There’s no point in arguing with someone like that because they will never really listen to anything that you have to say.

Share this article with your friends and family to show them the warning signs of a sociopath. No one should have to be stuck arguing with one.

Eva Jackson