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4 Signs You Have A Faithful Partner By Your Side


Many psychologists share the belief that when women cheat it is because they feel emotionally unsatisfied, and men cheat when they start feeling sexually deprived. However, regardless of the reasons they have, cheating is the worst thing that someone can do to another human being, and one of the most traumatizing and horrible feelings is finding out that your partner has cheated on you.

And it’s not only the cheating part that is the problem. In the wake of an affair, many lies come out and the trust is lost. The person that has been cheated on will find it difficult to believe in their partner again, and they will start doubting them in other aspects as well, such as parenting and finances.

Moreover, with all the cheating that we hear about, how can one be sure that they won’t be the next victim?

Here are 4 signs according to psychologists that reveal that your partner is not a cheater and you have nothing to worry.

1. They Are Honest In Everything They Do

If your partner keeps their word and they are honest with anything or anyone in their life, you can certainly consider them to be a trustworthy mate. Even if they are dishonest sometimes, they will immediately own up to their actions and they will face consequences. That’s called integrity, and sadly, not many people have it.

2. They’ve Cut All Ties With Their Past Lovers

They are not in contact with any of their former partners. They’ve cut the ties because they are focused only on you and you are the only person they love and want in their life. A partner who does this is a partner who doesn’t allow anything to happen that can spoil the relationship between you too. Plus, they respect you a lot.

3. They Are Selfless

The truth is, an honest, genuine, and a good-hearted person cares deeply about the people around them, especially about those they love. They care even more about you than they do about themselves. That’s why they won’t do anything to hurt their partner. They are extremely compassionate and giving that they just don’t have the heart to cheat on their partner and wound them so deeply.

4. They Keep You Informed About Everything And Include You In Their Life

If your partner tells you about everything that happens in their life, it means that they consider you an integral part of it. Moreover, if they make plans with you on a daily basis, you can be sure that you are the only one that’s on their mind.

Mary Wright