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6 Common Types Of Emotionally Immature Men We’ve All Come Across In Our Lives


We’ve all met them, we’ve all been in a romantic relationship or a friendship with these people. And even if you haven’t experienced anything of the above, you’ve probably come across them without even knowing that you’re crossing paths with an emotionally immature person.

The truth is, no matter how much we like to believe in someone, not every person on this earth is capable of loving you the way you deserve. Some people like to pretend that they will always stay right by your side, so they usually present themselves as something they’re not.

But, since lies have no legs, these fake behaviors last until a relationship comes across an obstacle. That is the exact moment when the masks fall off and these people show their true face.

Here’s everything you need to know about recognizing these people at the beginning of your relationship. These are 6 common types of emotionally immature men:


Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing immature in chasing your dreams and working on your goals, but when your ambitions rob you of your emotions and make you blind to the most important things in your life, like your family, self-love, and relationships, then this is becoming an issue.

These people are career-oriented and they have no consideration of anything else besides their own needs, dreams, and preferences. That is why they usually choose women who would be willing to change their whole lives for them and dedicate their time only to their partners.


These people are known for their extreme infatuation with themselves. They spend their whole time looking at themselves, while silently admiring themselves for how amazing and special they are.

But, underneath that layer of superficiality, is a box full of insecurities and fears that they might actually not be enough for the world to accept and like them.

The desperately insecure narcissist needs people who will feed their egos for them. Someone who would be less successful or beautiful than them. Someone who would always be there to brighten up their day with a compliment.


Oh, the saint. I’m sure we’ve all met this person.

He’s so broken, so unhappy with himself, so depressed and miserable, that he desperately needs others to make him feel wanted. Therefore, he is drawn to people who need to be saved. This way, he gets to do a good deed, and eventually get praised for it, which makes him feel better about himself.

Even though, he sounds like a generous and a kind human being, know this. This person will never truly love you for who you are. He will only be there for you because dealing with your issues helps him run away from his miserable life.


Just like any drug addict, this person is hooked on the adrenaline rush from adventurous relationships and one-night stands. These people like the chase, they enjoy playing the hunters, until they finally catch their prey, take advantage of them and move on to the next victim.

Watch out. They are everywhere around you.


I’m literally sick and tired of hearing about people who need their mommies to tell them what they should do with their lives. But, these people exist regardless of my rant. And, we all know at least one.

The most important relationship in their lives is the one with their mothers. And whatever they do in life, they first need to consult with them. As a result of their dependent relationship, these men usually struggle to find a partner, since every woman in their lives is always compared with the mother.


Lastly, we have the victim. The one who is always unhappy or unsatisfied with their lives. The one who fails to perceive the silver lining of every cloud. The one who never sees the light at the end of the tunnel. The one who is always pretending to be the victim, just so others could pity him and comfort him that eventually, all will be well.

Don’t be mistaken. It’s not true that this person is really suffering. He’s just a taker. And playing the victim card gets him everything he wants.

Stephanie Reeds