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50 Effective And Powerful Ways To Calm Your Anxious Mind And Find Your Inner Peace


Anxiety is a mental condition that makes your whole world collide. It’s a scary and overwhelming state that takes away your rational mind, your sense of control and forces you to live your life without them.

It destroys your confidence, sense of self, productivity, relationships and every will to get up and enjoy life. It exhausts you to the point of a total shut-down.

However, even though it takes time to recover from this disturbing and perplexing condition, there are some things that don’t necessarily require a visit to the doctor’s office.

There are natural methods for calming our thoughts and relieving our brains and they are known as the best ways to help ourselves whenever anxiety strikes us.

Here are 50 effective, powerful, and simple ways to relax your mind, and quiet those loud thoughts inside your head!

1. Make sure to maintain a regular sleeping pattern. Getting enough sleep is essential for our physical as well as mental state.

2. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, try taking a power nap. Relaxing your body and resting your eyes for a half an hour can rejuvenate your spirits.

3. Start decluttering your mind. There might be a lot of unwanted and unnecessary stuff in there.

4. Focus on your dreams and abilities and wake up your creativity.

5. Organize your world get rid of all the clutter. Just like you decluttered your mind, take time to clean and reorganize your living area. A messy room can affect your mood more than you think.

6. Do the things that make you happy. Find a way to have a chuckle. Smile when you feel like it. Feel the energy flowing through your vein. That’s you.

7. Start exercising. A physical activity of any kind will do much more for your mental health than any pill ever could.

8. Find a source of inspiration. Surround yourself with the things you enjoy and let them motivate you to work even harder.

9. Try to be more social. Don’t force yourself, but when you feel like it, don’t hesitate to schedule something interesting and have some good, old-fashioned fun. You deserve it.

10. Pet your furry friends. You’ll see how relaxed and calm you’ll feel after taking a walk in the park with your dog.

11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s what friends are for.

12. Try to understand that no matter how painful it is, you are not your anxiety. You are the “old you”. Don’t let it deceive you!

13. Find a strong, support system. You don’t have to do this alone.

14. Engage in some interesting, creative project. Let your imagination run wild.

15. Take long, regular baths. Spice the atmosphere up with some of the best essential oils for relaxation.

16. Limit your alcohol consumption. Or just avoid alcoholic beverages altogether

17. Forget your crazy coffee habit. 4 gallons of coffee is not the way to start the day.

18. Take care of your weight. A healthy body means a healthy mind.

19. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Everybody needs a fresh start every now and then.

20. Get out of your bed and explore the world. There are so many places, and opportunities desperately waiting for you to unravel them.

21. Understand that overthinking will only cause you a headache. And possible another panic attack.

22. Open up a journal. Write down everything you feel. It is scientifically proved that writing helps us cope with the certain issue.

23. Take a day off and relax in a sauna.

24. Remind yourself of everything you have in your life. Express gratitude and appreciate the beauty everywhere around you.

25. Limit your time on social media.

26. Stop feeling guilty about your condition. Nobody hates you.

27. Focus on your positive thoughts and feel free to revisit them whenever you feel anxious.

28. Try to talk about your problem to a therapist. You might realize things you never even thought of.

29. Start coloring. Coloring is considered a meditative and useful practice. It will help you increase your negativity and get in touch with your inner child.

30. And no matter what you do, always stay properly hydrated. A loss of water in your body can result in severe changes in your system.

31. Always listen to your gut. It is the most accurate part of ourselves.

32. Drink more tea. Herbs are the best medicine you can take.

33. Regulate your breathing. You’ll be surprised how soothing proper breathing can be.

34. Start with yoga classes. It will help you relax and find your center.

35. Change your posture. In order to increase confidence and higher sense of self you need to practice holding a much powerful body posture.

36. Create your personal mantra for success.

37. Start meditating.

38. Try hypnotherapy. It’s a type of psychotherapy that has the power to change your subconsciousness to generate more positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You can even look into past life regression Hypnotherapy, which is something very interesting to give a try.

39. Make some time and wander the forests. Disconnect from the real world and get in touch with your natural surroundings. Become one with the nature.

40. Try to relax with the art of needling. Schedule an acupuncture therapy.

41. Start crafting.

42. Make some time for yourself. Take a nap, go for a stroll in the park, hike, read, explore. Anything you enjoy.

43. Practice mindfulness.

44. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself some questions. Reconnect with yourself and find all the answers to your questions.

45. Listen to some of your favorite, relaxing melodies. Put your headphones on and dive in.

46. Learn to stand your own ground. Be more assertive, but in a cooler, much calmer way.

47. Clean your house and reorganize your world. A little change might be just the thing you need.

48. Dance like nobody is watching. Dance like there’s no tomorrow!

49. If you feel like it, cry. And never apologize for showing an emotion.

50. Most importantly, believe in yourself. You can do it!

Stephanie Reeds


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