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5 Things Happy And Confident Human Beings Never Do


What does it mean to be happy? Is it the freedom of being single and willing to explore all the opportunities around you, or finding a person who completely understands the language of your heart?

Is it the utter joy of forever wandering this earth, or the satisfaction of trying the most delicious and mouth-watering food?

Is it the pride in achieving the dreams you’ve worked hard for, or the serenity and bliss of creating a family and living the quiet, nice life you’ve always yearned for?

One thing is for sure. Happiness can’t be defined in absolute terms. What is satisfying and joyful for you, can be unacceptable and distressing for me.

However, despite our differences, there are some things that all happy and optimistic have in common. Confident and optimistic people who know their worth are a sunshine in human form. They will never ever…


People who had a clear vision about what they want from life, and then worked their asses off until they finally saw some long-awaited and deserved results are people who have no time for wasting on other people’s businesses.

They are concentrated on building their own future and unraveling their journey to success in every sense of the word. They walk their own path in life. Anything other than that is only a distraction, an obstacle along the way.

Happy and confident people mind their own business. They can never feel threatened by another person’s greater success. Other people’s achievements can only be a motivation and inspiration for happy and strong individuals.


What’s more important, happy individuals who know exactly where they are in life and what they want to do with it, stand strong behind their actions and beliefs. They respect themselves enough to not seek validation or any form of approval from others.

They know their worth, they believe in their opinion and they respect their principles. No one else has the right to judge their preferences or determine their path in life.

It is truly a courageous and noble to live life by first accepting and embracing your own flaws. It’s genuinely admirable to have the power to stand your own ground and nurture your own integrity.


Unhappiness usually lies in humanity’s desperate need for more. We’re so caught up with everything we don’t have, but crave to possess, that we forget about all the precious things we already own.

The thing is… You can wander the earth searching for happiness and you may never find it. Because the real happiness can be found within you. Nowhere else. Not in your partner. Not in the expensive jewelry. Not in that high-paying job.

Happy people know that when you are at peace with yourself and you respect your true genuine nature, you radiate love. You radiate happiness.

Happiness that has the power to put a smile on the grumpiest, crankiest, angriest person alive.

So, keep spreading that joy, child.


Holding onto anger or resentment is like drinking a poisonous potion and expecting the other person to die. Anger, hate and resentment create a dark whole inside of you that will keep on spreading until you let it.

The more you hold on to it, the more it will expand until it finally consumes your soul.

Happy people know how to accept, embrace and let go. They’ve learned that hate can only contaminate a person’s soul. It will not bring any justice, and it will not make you feel happier.

That is why happy and confident people consider forgiveness as the remedy to everything. Without it, your emotional wounds can’t be healed.


Most importantly, happy people are happy because they value honesty. They live their life based on sincerity and truthfulness.

A lie has no legs. No matter how much you try to sugar-coat and twist, or hide the truth, it will eventually come out.

To them, it is better to be slapped and destroyed with the ugly truth, than to be cuddled and spoiled with the beautiful lie.

Time will eventually heal the wounds of hearing the truth, but a lie will always remain a lie.

Stephanie Reeds