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5 Subtle Signs That Someone Is A Narcissist In Disguise


Only about 1% of the population are narcissists. However, that means that 1 in every 100 people that you meet has this disorder. If you think about it, statistically, you should have at least a handful of them in your life. The only issue is that they’re often hard to spot because of how well they hide their disorder.

If they manage to go undetected, these people can wreak havoc on your life and will completely destroy you. To protect yourself, you need to know these 6 subtle signs that someone is a narcissist in disguise.

1. Passive-Aggression

Narcissists can’t stand anyone who doesn’t immediately agree with them. Likewise, they find it hard to deal with people who they don’t have a use for. When someone comes along who challenges them, they may use passive-aggressive behaviors around them. Similarly, this may even be their go-to response for anything. Someone could make a reasonable request and they’ll reply with passive-aggressive comments such as “as you wish.”

2. Quiet Superiority Complex

The main symptom of narcissistic personality disorder is thinking that you’re better than everyone. However, someone with this disorder may not always be so obvious about their feelings of superiority. In fact, they often hide it in an attempt to blend in with everyone else. Despite that, you may still be able to spot a certain smugness surrounding them if you look hard enough.

3. High Sensitivity

These people are notorious for their huge egos – it practically defines them. Although they may act and behave as if they’re the greatest people in existence, that all comes from a place of vulnerability. Their self-esteem is actually extremely fragile. Because of that, having someone question it or insult them in even the smallest ways can set them off on a rampage.

4. Difficult Relationships

A lot of people have a rough time when it comes to relationships. They may fall out with friends, be unable to find “the one,” or even have difficulty with family members. However, when almost all of someone’s relationships are troubled, it can be a sign of something much more sinister. Since narcissists only care about someone when they have a purpose for them, that can lead to a constant breakdown whenever those people stop becoming useful for them.

5. Lack of Empathy

Unlike sociopaths, narcissists do have the capacity to feel empathy. However, that is often overshadowed by their own self-absorption. Their world revolves entirely around them, so anything else doesn’t really matter to them. If a friend or family member has some terrible news, the narcissist is unlikely to give it a second thought if it has nothing to do with them.

If someone in your life shows any of these 5 signs, it may be time for you to take a deeper look at who they really are. It’s highly likely that this person could be a narcissist who wants nothing more than to use you for their own gain. Don’t let that happen and cut them out of your life before it’s too late.

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Eva Jackson