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5 Habits Of People Who Damage Their Mental Health


We are living in a modern world that is becoming more and more dangerous to our mental health. Yes, it looks like we have everything figured out and working to out benefit – we have our food delivered, our clothes and dishes washed by machines, and almost everything we want is within a push of a button.

Yet, we become more and more stressed. This paradox of modern life may seem perplexing, but when you dig a little deeper you’ll understand why this happens. It seems that we have designed a world where everything is so easy for us, except taking care of our mental health.

Here are 5 destructive habits that are common for people who don’t take care of their own mental health.

1. They are not physically active.

We live in big cities where our physical activity comes down to getting in the car and driving to work where we sit inactively at desks and then driving back home. Lack of movement is one of the main reasons why we have such poor physical and mental health.

When we don’t move our body enough we increase depression and anxiety levels because endorphins, the hormones responsible for boosting our mood, are released during physical exercising.

2. They don’t get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep also increases the levels of anxiety and depression. Sleep is an essential factor for our normal functioning. However, the modern life does not give value to sleep so much. Poor diet, lack of physical activities, stress, technology, caffeine, and many other factors can contribute to a lack of sleep which is dangerous to our mental wellbeing.  

3. They are dependent on their smartphones and technology in general.

With the increase of technology, there is an increase in people suffering from mental health issues as well. Namely, it was discovered that people who spend much of their time on social media have a tendency to develop depression.

Before the era of smartphones, people used to go out and talk to each other face to face. Now, people are tied to their smartphones and are less and less present in the real world. This makes them isolated from everyone, including themselves, which also leads to anxiety and depression.

4. They buy a lot of stuff they don’t need.

We, as humans, are creatures of habit and are also strongly affected by the habits of other people. Unluckily, there are many people around us who tend to buy stuff they don’t need out of habit or as a means to fill some kind of a void in their life. Sadly, material things cannot make you happy. Instead, if you want to improve your mood, you should focus on buying experiences, not things.

5. They don’t go out enough.

We all need nature to survive and replenish our energy. However, it seems that we choose to stay inside rather than spending time outside and catching some sun rays. A lack of sunlight reduces the Vitamin D in your body which is connected to improving your mood and your immune system. Also, a walk in the park releases frustration and tension.

So, there you go! If you want to keep your mental health in a good condition, you should go out, take a walk in nature, drink water, eat healthily, forget about your smartphone, and get enough sleep.

Image: Jess Marshall

Mary Wright


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