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17 Red Flags Of Highly Manipulative Individuals 


Manipulators are the most experienced and talented masters of deception. In fact, they’ve invented this game. They’ve designed it that way, so they could be the only ones capable of actually winning it.

They possess numerous skills and techniques for luring and entrapping their victims, however, there are certain specifically designed methods they use that you should always look out for.

Here are 17 most common red flags of manipulative people:

1. They start establishing a closer, more intimate relationship with you. They start with flattery, a lot of affection, songs, poems, compliments, everything you’ve ever wanted. It seems too good to be true, but they still manage to convince you it is real.

2. They lure you in with flattery and once you fall into the trap, they start their wicked games by giving you the silent treatment and withholding attention. They will make sure to make you needy and desperate for their affection in order to control you.

3. They quickly refer to you as their best friend/soul mate. All of a sudden, you are the person they’ve been waiting their whole lives. You are the one. You understand their nature more than any other person. A bunch of lies, carefully wrapped up with their fake kindness.

4. They even start comparing you with people from their past. They enjoy making you feel special by devaluing their ex-lovers, parents, friends. They know you love the flattery, so they keep telling you how much better you are than all these people.

5. They start to make excuses. After a short period of praising and celebrating your new-found friendship, they begin to lie and make cheap excuses for everything they are doing. Whatever happened, someone else made them do it. It’s never their fault.

6. They do not respond to anything and they lack emotions. A total absence of anxiety, fear, compassion or worry. This might trick you into thinking that these people are in a peaceful state of mind when in reality they possess a cold stone instead of a heart.

7. They use dark humor and offensive jokes. They belittle your achievements and make fun of your insecurities. If you dare to point out their offensive behavior, you are too sensitive.

8. They surround themselves with ex-lovers and potential mates. They keep bragging about how everyone likes them, and their ex-partners still want to sleep with them. They enjoy making these stories up and see you jealous.

9. They force you to start playing detective. You are so suspicious of their rude and secretive behavior, that you suddenly find yourself scrolling their Facebook timeline searching for anything that might be a clue.

10. They accuse you of emotions that they intentionally provoked. They’ll make you crazy and jealous after finding out about their affair with their ex. They’ll make you feel bad about displaying jealousy, without even saying sorry about the thing they did.

11. They never put themselves in your shoes. They don’t care how you feel or what your opinion is. You struggle to explain your feelings, and they just keep staring at you without saying a word.

12. They focus on your mistakes and ignore their wrongdoings. It doesn’t matter that they’ve cheated on you when you are 20 minutes late for lunch. The art of maintaining double standards.

13. They are the ultimate hypocrites. They say they believe in love and cherish fidelity and honesty. But, after the idealization phase is over, you begin to see the real person.

14. They start making comments about how you look or what you wear. And let’s be clear, those aren’t compliments. They are obsessed with your appearance, they notice every flaw on your body and constantly criticize your imperfections.

15. You begin to worry that any fight you have could be your last. Unlike normal couples, psychopaths tend to use emotional blackmail in order to resolve a fight and make you the submissive one in the relationship.

16. They are obsessed with humiliating successful, happy and nice people. That is the opposite of what they really are. They are green with envy and they enjoy destroying anything beautiful and meaningful.

17. They expect you to know everything they want. It’s like they expect you to read their minds. Because when they ghost you for a whole week, they will blame you for not showing up and asking what their plans were.

Stephanie Reeds


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