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4 Common Phrases Narcissists And Sociopaths Use To Manipulate You And Drive You Crazy


Narcissists and emotional psychopaths are wolves in sheep clothing. They are the most manipulative and dangerous social predators of the 21st century.

With no conscience and empathy towards people, they tend to skate through life using their irresistible charisma and extremely effective manipulative tricks to get everything they want from others.

And before you know it, they’ll take over everything you hold dear. Whether it’s your life, your family, friends, work, relationships, they’ll do anything to modify their personality and become the person you want them to be just to take away everything from you.

Here are 4 most common things narcissists and sociopaths tend to say to make you delusional and weak:

1. “It’s not my fault. You always over-analyze everything”

These well-known manipulators would rather put the blame on you instead of taking responsibility for their actions and owning up to their mistakes.

They will intentionally make you feel paranoid, a crazy over-thinker, a lunatic who can’t make a difference between right or wrong.

And once they achieve their long-awaited goal (to destroy your self-esteem and your gut feeling), they have you in the palm of their hand.

2. “You are too sensitive!”

Emotional psychopaths are known for manipulating people through their emotions – it’s their best trait.

They’ll start seducing you by constant flattery and kindness, and then in a simple blink of an eye, they’ll turn into the worst possible monster you have ever imagined.

They will start off with insults, then they’ll proceed with their merciless critics and their evil, offensive jokes. And once you work up the courage to face them, they’ll discard you with a simple “YOU ARE TOO SENSITIVE”.

3. “You don’t understand what I’m trying to tell you”

This sentence is something all of us hear from time to time. And when you think about it, it’s a pretty normal sentence which shows that a person simply requires more information in order to understand something.

However, when an emotional psychopath utters these words, they’re usually said in order to provoke you. The thing about them is – they already know your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

So, they know exactly where to point in order to inflict damage on you.

Don’t even think for a minute that they are feeling misunderstood. They are bluffing and they’re just testing your sanity. Don’t fall for it.

4. “You are a bipolar, crazy and extremely jealous person; You clearly have mental issues”

Again. Attack is the best form of defense. The name-calling is something that starts as soon as they reveal their true nature.

According to an emotional psychopath or a narcissist, all of their ex-lovers, friends, or family members are crazy and unstable.

The only way you can save yourself is to cut off every source of contact with them. You need to erase them from your life and you need to do it thoroughly. This means no FB, no messages, no emails, no nothing.

Otherwise, they’ll do anything to get under your skin and make you delusional once again.

Image: Ma_Co2013

Stephanie Reeds