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8 Effective Techniques To Get Rid Of Your Anger Once And For All


When you are angry, it is crucial to learn how to behave in order to calm down and don’t do something that you’ll regret later. By managing your anger effectively, you’ll deal better with any situation.

Anger by itself is a typical and normal emotion that every person has from time to time. And instead of denying it, you should learn how to express it in a healthy way and keep your calm.

Here are 8 effective anger management techniques you should try next time you feel angry.

1. Improve your listening skills.

Active listening instantly improves the communication and resolves any conflicts that you have with your partner thus building feelings of trust instead of anger. When you actively listen to someone it shows them you care, and it boosts empathy feelings between you. Because sometimes all we need is someone who understands.

2. Identify a possible outlet.

Instead of focusing on the thing that made you angry in the first place, shift your focus on the solution to that problem. Find the source of your anger and then look for what you can do about that.

3. Get curious.

Next time you get angry, get really curious about the perspective of the other person. Shift your angry energy into a desire to understand the situation better. You’ll feel calmer and more open to solving any argument or situation that is bothering you.

4. Cognitive restructuring.

When people are angry, they tend to curse, swear, or behave erratically. They are not able to make a rational decision or think of a solution. Cognitive restructuring means changing your thinking process. Be aware that you are probably exaggerating the situation and you over-dramatize everything because of your anger.

5. Look beneath the anger.

Anger is an emotion that serves as a mask to hide our true feelings. So, whenever you feel angry, try to look beneath your anger and deep into your heart. What is the source of your anger? What are your concealed emotions behind your angry response?

6. Forgive and (if you can) forget.

Forgiveness is your most powerful weapon in fighting anger. When you allow negative thoughts and anger into your life you are headed to a path that leads to more anger, pessimism, and bitterness. When you forgive the person that made you angry, you are consciously letting go off all the negativity and resentment because you want to feel peaceful again.

7. Practice relaxation.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Deep breathing and thinking about relaxing imagery can calm down feelings of anger. Also, repeating reassuring words such as, “I have control,” “relax,” and “take it easy,” can have a positive effect as well. Or, you can try practicing yoga and meditation. These exercises promote relaxation and will calm you down instantly.

8. Hug a tree.

If you feel that you are so angry that you are losing control over yourself – ground yourself. You can do this by hugging a tree or lying down on the ground. When you connect to the ground you’ll notice that you are feeling more stable and calm.

How do you manage your anger? Do you have some techniques to share with us?

Mary Wright