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350-Foot-Tall Waterfall Was Built Off The Side Of A Skyscraper


Sci-fi movies often show the most wonderous and unbelievable things in cities. In them, we can see cars in the sky, hovering lights, and skyscrapers as tall as mountains. These things are all beautiful but also seemingly unattainable.

Despite our belief that the insane cityscapes portrayed in futuristic movies are just fiction, some places in the world have already started implemented similar structures.

The future is now, and a 350-foot-tall waterfall was built off the side of a skyscraper.

The Liebian Building in Guiyang City, China is the skyscraper in question. Once they installed and turned on the artificial waterfall, people nearby reported it as a massive leak. Once reporters arrived at the site, they saw that this was no leak.

It was in fact, a waterfall.

Despite how beautiful this spectacle may appear, some locals aren’t happy. They’ve complained that the water feature would use too much power to run. However, building managers have stated that it will only be turned on during certain special occasions.

Furthermore, they’ve said that this display only uses recycled rainwater.

In spite of complaints, the artificial waterfall at the Liebian Building has stayed. Now, it’s even become a huge symbol of the city as well as being a major tourist attraction.

If you’d like to see this artificial waterfall for yourself, watch this video.

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Eva Jackson