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30 Things That Make Someone A Good Man


1. He is confident. But not cocky or arrogant.

2. He is trustworthy and faithful. He is a loyal man and he always follows through with his promises.

3. He listens. He doesn’t interrupt and he offers his interlocutor his undivided attention.

4. He is brave. He goes after the things he wants and is not afraid to take risks.

5. He has a strength of character. He is fewer words, more action. He means what he says and says what he means. Plus, his actions always speak louder than his words.

6. He pays attention to details. He is very organized and knows that it’s the little things that count the most.

7. He lives a balanced life. He makes time for everything that matters in his life.

8. He is respectful of everyone. Plus, he is compassionate and forgiving.

9. He takes initiative. He is a leader. A go-getter.

10. He strives to be a better man. He understands that he is his own strongest competitor and therefore, he competes with no one but himself.

11. He is good with managing finances. He plans for the future and is careful with his budget.

12. He is humble.

13. He has a great sense of humor. And he doesn’t get offended if anyone makes a joke about him.

14. He is adaptable. He is willing to compromise.

15. He is a team player. He is concerned more with the success of the whole team than his own individual success.

16. He is honest. He understands that truth can sometimes hurt, but regardless of it – he still chooses truth over any white lie.

17. He fights injustice. He steps up to the defense of anyone that is being mistreated.

18. He is always learning. He reads books and he is curious to learn new things.

19. He has good manners.

20. He is surrounded by people he respects. He has mentors that he respects, and he follows their advice.

21. He thinks before he acts. He doesn’t allow his emotions to get the best of him.

22. He is calm and peaceful. He has a good aura and good energy that also makes others feel good and calm in his presence.

23. He has close and true friendships. True ride-or-die partners.

24. He takes care of his health. Because he knows that’s the most important thing.

25. He understands the importance of family. He wants to have a family and leave a legacy. He lives an honorable and traditional life.

26. He is grateful. He is thankful for everything he has.

27. He has strong moral values. He has clear boundaries and he knows what is right and what is wrong.

28. He wants to improve the world. He wants to make this world a better place, and so he always helps others in need.

29. He is a visionary and a leader.

30. He believes in the good in people.

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Mary Wright